About Supreme Release Yoga

You Are Whole and Complete, Just as You Are

You are the Supreme presence, at all times. Yoga is a process of peeling away all the layers that block the recognition of this supreme truth. While mainstream approaches to Yoga are often caught up in a mindset of lack and striving to gain or fix something, Supreme Release Yoga, or SRY, is a direct, but gentle, approach to resolving and revealing all pain and distortions of the body and the mind. Through SRY, you experience the wholeness that already is you.


Yoga is meant to be deep, not hard.

About Supreme Release Yoga (SRY)

SRY is centered on a blissful, accessible, and effective āsana practice of deep and direct relaxation of the core muscles of the body, specifically the deep muscles along the spine.

The spine is the central channel of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, and the subtle body channels. The spine is also known as the conduit of the supreme spiritual process. When the spine is compressed, tight, rigid, blocked, or overworked, then the body, health, mind, emotions, and the spiritual process are distorted. When we release and nourish the spine, we release what blocks the recognition and expression of the supreme Self.

Beyond the blissful āsana practices, SRY incorporates the full spectrum of the timeless Vedic approach, including Ayurveda, Vedic Design {Vastu}, Vedic Astrology {Jyotisha}, and the Yogic teachings of Vedānta and Tantra. These inter-connected systems create a truly complete approach to holistic healing, true transformation and inner illumination.

The truth is, you lack nothing and Yoga can not give you anything. Yet the practices and perspectives of true Yoga allow you to discover everything.

Reflections from students

We desperately need these tools


“It’s a real comfort knowing that there are people like Kaya illuminating the quieter, rejuvenating practices because we all desperately need these tools.” 

Jennifer, Yin Yoga Teacher and Trainer

A true oasis of calm


“This Yoga is a true oasis of calm in my busy, pressured life.” 

Judy, Administrator

A new way to think about Yoga


“I am excited to have a new way to think about Yoga!” 


True Yoga is a process of resolution.

The practice should resolve tension, obstacles, misperceptions, and distortions until what remains is the nectar of the self-satisfied Self.

SRY is a replenishing, compassionate, blissful, healing, and transformative approach. It goes far beyond Yoga for physical wellbeing, weaving together the full spectrum of the Vedic viewpoint.

SRY offers an effective framework that peels back the layers of misperception of Yoga to reveal the meanings behind the practices. What comes is compassionate clarity — free from rigidity — that allows each person to experience the nectar of Yoga in daily life.

SRY works on all levels of being:

  • At the level of the physical body, you release tension in the central muscles along the spine.
  • At the level of the subtle body, you gather the inner nectar of rejuvenation {soma}, increase the flow of life force {prāna}, and ignite the power transformation {agni}.
  • At the level of the life, you experience inner and outer shifts that allows for a dharmic, engaged and joyful life.
  • At the level of the intellect, you cultivate a viewpoint that allows for clarity, well-aimed action, and glad acceptance.

Through all of this you merge into the bliss of being and integrate it all into life and the world. This creates the opportunity to live Yoga in every moment, sharing that nectar in relationships, work, and the world.

Discover the nectar within.
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The Modalities of SRY

SRY offers blissful opening, holistic healing, true transformation and inner illumination.

The methods described below are the ones that I have applied in my private practice with clients and students for 18 years.  As sister-tools of the Vedic tradition, these techniques are incorporated into every offering. In experiential immersions, trainings for teachers, online courses, mentoring, or private therapeutic work, you will experience the full spectrum of the Vedic tradition.


Depletion has become a lifestyle. Most modern interpretations of Yoga asana add to this mindset that the body must be cleansed and purified. But the bliss of Yoga comes from discovering the nectar that lives inside of you and allowing it to gently guide and nourish your body into a state of openness from the inside out. This is the essence of the SRY approach.

SRY asana is slow and deliberate, but it goes much deeper than other restorative or meditative approaches. The poses release tension in the muscles attached to the spine — especially the uber-tight and depleted pelvic and thoracic muscles. This increases internal space and resolves problematic mental and emotional patterns mapped in the subtle body.

The result is a realignment of the body, improved internal organ function, and a subtle body transformation that offers an experience of surrender, peace, and self-awareness.

Vedic Philosophy

The benefits of Yoga come from understanding the greater Vedic viewpoint from which Yoga arose. Studying the full spectrum of teachings and practices that were developed in conjunction with Yoga allows for clarity and a new perspective that are not possible through a solitary lens.

All trainings include teachings from Vedanta (the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita), the Doctrine of Karma, Vastu (Vedic design), and more. These are the keys to unlock yogic wisdom, and when we integrate them, Self awareness becomes a part of daily life.


Sanskrit forms the foundation of Yoga. It is how the teachings were codified and passed down with accuracy. The wisdom truly rests upon and is revealed through Sanskrit’s divine syntax.

We honor and utilize Sanskrit to truly understand and live the teachings of Yoga. Threading Sanskrit into the practice provides the benefit of both the powerful vibration {the sounds of Sanskrit dance along the spine!} and the profound meanings embedded into the words.

The unfoldment of key Sanskrit terms are incorporated into all trainings (and follow my Instagram feed for #SanskritwithKaya. Every Saturday I share the correct pronunciation and meaning of a Sanskrit term).


Ayurveda, the timeless healing system of India, makes the yogic lifestyle a daily reality. It provides a deep understanding of the unique makeup of your body and psychology, and that of clients and loved ones, and allows yogis to gain objectivity about the highs and lows of health. Through this, it is possible to galvanize strengths and reduce vulnerabilities, resulting in a richer experience of life.

Ayurveda is woven into all parts of my life and programs. You’ll learn how to use SRY poses to balance the doshas, seasonal considerations for sequencing classes, and ways to come into harmony with nature. I also offer courses on how to live and teach in accordance with Ayurveda.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology {Jyotish} offers profound insight and guidance that can support every part of your life. For Yoga teachers, Jyotish resolves the common pitfalls of getting overly caught up in or depleted by your work. The Doctrine of Karma, which is the true teaching of Jyotish, removes the veil of mystery about why life unfolds the way it does. What was previously hidden becomes revealed through the study of the cosmos.

I often collaborate with my husband, Michael Manzella, who is a Vedic astrologer, to teach planetary principles at play in life or about the Doctrine of Karma. I recommend anyone going through a time of personal or professional transition to work with Michael for a full chart reading and ongoing support. Visit JyotishResolution.com to learn more.

Knowledge that Nourishes