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About Mentoring

I love working with the yoga teacher who deeply wants to help others while living an aligned yogic life. Perhaps you’re at the start of your yoga career, or you have been at it for some time and need to renew or change your approach. In addition to all of my Vedic and Yogic training, I completed four business programs. While each was valuable, I always felt left on my own to fill in gaps left by a lack of direct attention on the unique intricacies of my yoga therapy business and yogic values. I love to fill in this gap for others. You come with your questions and goals, I bring my attention, entrepreneurial training and experience, Yoga expertise, and Vedic Counseling and Ayurveda skills.

Possible objectives of our mentoring relationship may be to:
  • Establish your business vision and plan
  • Align your work with your values and karma
  • Design yoga offerings {workshops, private packages, retreats}
  • Write group lesson plans or private session plans
  • Trouble-shoot students and clients
  • Grow your yoga therapy toolbox
  • Refine your marketing language
  • Cultivate your yogic relationships – self, personal and professional
  • Deepen your own personal yoga practice or yogic lifestyle

Mentoring takes place in person or by phone or video call. Recordings of your call can be made available to review or take notes. Engaging in this direct and purposeful way with teachers is my favorite thing to do in my work.

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Reflections & Results From A Teacher


“Although I’ve been coached by other respected business-growth leaders and yoga business coaches, I constantly return to Kaya to deepen my yoga and business skills. As a mentor, the depth of knowledge and support she’s given me – in the complexity of working with deeply healing yoga, enhanced teaching skills, and her knack for creating a business and marketing framework that aligns with heart-centered healers and teachers – is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. I have gained a greater sense of confidence and clarity around my purpose as a teacher, and am once again inspired in my work”

Pam, ERYT 500

Words On Kaya's Approach


“Kaya’s approach is ordered yet natural and generally excellent in all ways. Her presence is clear, deeply knowledgeable and she incorporates the principles of yoga in context and content.”

Gita, Administrator

Reflections From A Teacher


“Kaya is a true and skillful teacher. She has an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge that she brings into her work and she is also very grounded in reality.”

Lava, Massage Therapist

– Transform your life through deep healing and learning. –