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Welcome to Nectar of Nidrā

I designed this program as an immersive online experience and training for yoga teachers and healing professionals. We will do a full spectrum dive into the true meaning, purpose and value of the timeless practice of the Yoga Nidrā state. 

How this Course Works

Nectar of Nidrā unfolds over 7 lessons, each with a live-taught lecture, Q&A session & extra curated material as well as a weekly guided relaxation for you to directly experience. If you are joining between live rounds, everything is here for you, ready to go at your own independent study pace. If you join during the LIVE session {Spring each year}, you can attend the lectures live and move through in real time with the whole cohort of students.  

Inside each lesson find:  

  • a 90 minute class with Kaya 
  • 30 minute Q&A 
  • Weekly Yoga Nidrā practice
  • Additional course material {articles, videos, etc} to support the topic. 

Join the Live Lessons


Next LIVE Round is Spring 2021. Currently you can view videos & content from the 2020 round. 


Info for next Lives
How to use Zoom

We are using Zoom for our lessons, which provides audio and video participation.  

I start each class 10 minutes early and you are welcome to join early to say hello ordeal with any tech issues. 

If you are on a computer, just click the link and you’ll be in the video call. Make sure your video is on so I can see you! You’ll be muted when you enter the call and will need to unmute yourself to make a comment or ask a question. If using a smart device, you will be prompted to add the free Zoom app. 

It is OKAY to join late or leave early if you need to, I do not mind. I just ask that you please NOT type in a hello / goodbye / apology as that can distract my mind from teaching. I trust you to just join or leave quietly.