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About this series

Kaya guides students through a safe, gentle, healing home practice of Supreme Release Yoga combined with the ancient “Pavanmuktāsana Vinyāsa”, or Air Liberating Series. 

Each 60-75 class will include

Poses to Nourish and Release Your Spine
Contemplative Theme to Inspire

Each class video is paired with a guided Yoga Nidrā Practice. 

In this particular class we are going to delve into releasing the spine with SRY {of course!} as well as into an ancient practice {called the Pavanmuktasana Vinyasa, which means “liberation series}.  Pavanmuktasana Vinyasa gently and slowly moves all of the joints in the body, gently in every direction… it helps remove air {associated with anxiety and pain} and stagnation {associated with heaviness and weak immunity}. This series normally takes about 2.5 hours to do, however in this series I am breaking it down in segments, so each class will be 75 minutes. Each class is as always, threaded with a contemplation rooted in yoga’s traditional and timeless teachings. 

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There are times I think you customize these talks just for me. The light you shed is helping me find my way. Thank you.