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Shorts – 10-40 Min each

Choose any below, or pick the one that goes with your theme! I like to encourage a daily practice of SRY to improve awareness of the subtle body and release old patterns. If you have a full life of responsibilities it may be more realistic to do shorter practices most days. You could plan to …

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Spotlights – 5-15 Minutes each

Spotlights can be technical explanations for poses or techniques. You can also use them for mini practices if you are short on time or you want to add a little something extra to your regular SRY practice. Also, check out Shorts for 15-40 minute practices if you want to sprinkle a little practice throughout your …

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Yoga asana sitting standing

Non-Reclined Asanas

I get frequent requests from students for practices that don’t require reclined asanas. So I have collected some of my recorded practices that are mostly standing or seated. Feel free to omit any of the reclined poses or substitute them for an alternative. (For instance, a reclined twist can be substituted for a seated twist.)

Pregnancy SRY

About Pregnancy SRY *Yoga students who are NEW to SRY should not begin until the 2nd Trimester. Those doing SRY prior to conception can continue with the practice through the 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester as long as it is comfortable.    The pregnancy classes are also good for postpartum, and for ANYONE with a body… …

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Are you under the influence of the yogi-maker?

Yogic seekers tend to be influenced by Saturn, and also tend to feel “different”. 

Sign up below and learn how Saturn can bring the blessing of karmic life lessons your soul needs for true embodied revelation.

There are times I think you customize these talks just for me. The light you shed is helping me find my way. Thank you.