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"Who is qualified to receive the knowledge of the sacred? One with pure intelligence. One who has made commitments to make the mind sattvic. This brings the blessing to see things as they really are."

Practical & mystical sacred study with Kaya encompass the spectrum yoga. 

Why Certification?

You likely already know that certification does not reflect wisdom, and wisdom does not require certification. At the same time, what we value we dedicate our resources to – be it time, money, heart or mental space. While you certainly don’t “need” a certification, it can be gratifying and meaningful to have something that reflects your deep commitment. 

It’s best to gain one with a teacher and lineage you can trust and deepen with, rather than default to “what’s out there” in order to fulfill a requirement. 

So I’m pleased to make these certifications available for you, the yogic seeker. 

~ Kaya

"A spiritual seeker must conform to one thing: dharma" ~ Swami Dayānanda

*Nectar of Yoga Certifications do not authenticate you to teach what you have studied, but, in keeping with the tradition, reflect your dedication and accomplishment as a student. If you are meant to teach what is shared, that will reveal itself in due time, in the form of training in methodology and blessing from the lineage of stewards. If you have already completed some or all of the content in your desired certification, please contact Kaya’s to find out your next steps!

I wanted to just begin by expressing my whole hearted thankfulness- for you, your teaching, and the sangha you've cultivated. I would tell you all the aha! moments and things you've said that have just felt like you were speaking to my soul, but it would be a very, very long email. I finally feel at home in my spiritual life, no longer grasping at anything and everything. Your teaching has helped me to understand myself through a lens of compassion and wisdom, for which I am endlessly grateful.
"Kaya has been an inspiration for living a grounded, integrated, accessible, yogic life. It’s hard to put into words the value of having that kind of example in my life. To receive knowledge from an authentic and loving teacher is truly a gift! The energy and grace that is carried through Kaya's words, voice and very essence are a soothing balm for the body mind and spirit. In a world that feels so unstable these teachings create a vast container of security and love. She are a rare gift in this world Kaya and an amazing teacher."
“Thank you, Kaya, for your humility, wit, clarity, care, insight, your ability to hold an expansive vision and to empathize with our individual struggles ...may we as students know our unique and valuable contribution to the endless flow of teachings that you share with us. I honestly had no idea teacher-student relationships could be so nourishing and I know that is because you are tapped into something very real, very meaningful and very magical.Thank you to your teachers and theirs and theirs throughout time.”

Features of Nectar of Yoga Certification

Easy to access programs for study & practice

Sacred śastra


Rich, deep, authentic & meaningful study of sacred yogic scripture {śāstra} including Kaya’s relatable but traditional unpacking of original sanskrit texts, traditional sanskrit commentaries, skilled storytelling abound in every class. Kaya brings direct experience & the blessing of her teachers as a lineage holder. 

Authentic Āsana

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Supreme Release Yoga is an unfoldment of the veda & tantra teachings about the nature of the cosmic order and the human potential. We work gently, deeply, therapeutically and accessibly with a focus on the physical and subtle spine as a sacred realm of physical well being & spiritual illumination. 

caring Community


The teachings come alive through open Q&A time with Kaya. Students bring their hearts & minds to ask anything, making the teachings truly personal – nothing is taboo.  Enjoy the support of a community of practitioners committed to yogic teachings & personal growth in Kaya’s online sangha of students. 

Divine study for your sacred life. 


Upcoming topics

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!