Agni and Soma

Ayurvedic Nutrition for Yogis

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About Agni and Soma

Optimal health through balanced digestive fire and foods that deliver the nectar of rejuvenation.
Everyone wants to know what is the “perfect food.” But nutrition must rest upon balanced digestive fire.
In this course, learn the Vedic teachings of the cosmic consorts of all of life, which directly impact health and nutrition. They are:
Agni, the digestive fire, and
Soma, the nectar that nourishes us.
This mini course delivers what you need to assess and improve your relationship to the foods you eat.

What's in the course?

In the first half of this program, you’ll learn first how to assess your own digestive capacity and then gain specific tools for optimizing your digestion. Once your digestion is balanced, you’ll be able to get the most from every food you eat and every life experience you encounter!

In part two, you’ll learn about the foods with the highest nectar factor ~ those foods that deeply and directly nourish your tissues, mind, and heart.

With refined Agni as your fire, and nectar-rich Soma foods that nourish you deeply, you can truly transform your health at every level.

Audio courses count as
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Kaya blends Vedic mantra, practical Ayurvedic teachings, and storytelling into this easy-to-digest course.

Online Program

Agni and Soma

2-part Audio Course - $38

You will receive private access to your audio course by email. Audio courses count as CEU “non-contact hours.”