Immersing in Feminine Divine


“Even though the divine is all-pervasive, and is everything, still the glory of the divine is visible wherever there is a ray of glory”

– Swami Dayananda –

Nectar of Navarātri 2022 Retreat

Each annual Navarātri celebration & teachings with Kaya is unique. On September 26, 2022 delve into Durgā teachings and practice more deeply. 

The Vedic & Tantra tradition offer countless means to discover the divinity within, including relating to supreme divine forms through teachings, stories and devotional practices. 

Navarātri is the nine nights dedicated to celebrating the feminine divine. There are several Navarātri times per year, but the September/October is considered of upmost importance, as it comes during the great time of the harvest – a profound example of the abundance of mother earth. 

stories, teachings & Mantra Recitation

This deep offering is meant to guide you to a profound place in your spiritual journey. It is a perfect companion to your study of Tantra, Yoga or the Bhagavad Gitā, bringing you deep into your own heart, where the feminine divine rests within us all. The Navarātri time is a perfect time to soften and be “cracked open” in the best of ways, opening yourself to new healing, transformation and inner illumination of your own divine purpose, gifts, and journey. 


One day Online RetreaT
September 26, 2022 {times tba}

In this immersion into the Devī during the Navarātri celebration, Kaya will lovingly guide you into deeper relationship with the feminine divine through stories, metaphor, teachings and mantra. 

Each year’s Navarātri celebration with Kaya is unique – this year will focus on Durgā stories & Durgā mantras and on the nature of the journey of the spiritual seeker. 

Students of this program will expand and deepen their knowledge, and, if they choose be able to launch their spiritual year with authentic daily devotional practice. 

These teachings are everything I've been looking for. The Feminine Divine teachings are absolutely beautiful and moving, I feel like a child in some way, maybe because it all feels so new to me... yet I have a great feeling of knowing.
- Bridget
Having done both SRY and Navaratri studies with you now, by mid-morning I have soaked my mind and heart in so many beautiful practices. It’s such a lovely way to start my day. Thank you so much Kaya, I love the yoga and mantra practices so much.
- Sara
Online & Recorded
Online Retreat
live attendance encouraged, but not required {will be Recorded}

Nectar of Navrātri

The devi mantra is one of the few things I’ve been consistent with in a long time. It’s grounding. It’s beautiful. It’s a practice
- Tamsie
I think it’s become a life practice for me. Just love chanting it every morning! And I find myself chanting particular verses in the day when things come up. It’s magical.
- Katie
Relationship with the feminine divine has been one of the most beloved, surprising and deepening aspects of my practice and life.

Navarātri is a sacred and important time to deepen one’s practice, make extra time for practice, or launch a new practice for the year. 

If you’ve been wanting to bring devotion, mantra, bhakti, and deeper practice and connection to the divine into your life, this is the time to begin. 

This is one of the only times of year that I have been given the blessing by my mentor to share Goddess mantras in a group context. 
If you feel called to devote time to cultivate your personal relationship with the feminine divine, I would be honored to share this beautiful heart opening time with you. 
Online Retreat
live attendance encouraged, but not required {will be Recorded}

Nectar of Navrātri Retreat

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There are times I think you customize these talks just for me. The light you shed is helping me find my way. Thank you.