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Forgiveness Prayer

Oh Goddess, whatever action that was committed through ignorance, forgetfulness or confusion, all of that. Oh Supreme Goddess, please forgive, oh may you be so gracious” ~ Chandi Path, Kṣāma Prārthanā {Prayer of Forgiveness

A private container to learn & practice the traditional Forgiveness Prayer from the Chandi Path scripture to the feminine divine. 

The kṣāma prārthanā {forgiveness prayer} is a sacred initiated practice that can be done to help establish the bhāva of forgiveness for those who have trespassed dharma – be they ancestors who have passed, those in your life who are still living, and for yourself.  


  • Initiation Live Class: Saturday, September 17th from 10-11am PT {$25}
  • October 11, 2pm Pacific Time {$10}
  • November 8, 2pm Pacific Time {$10}

Kaya will teach this sanskrit mantra in this class and will follow up with ongoing opportunities to practice together. Participants must commit to regular group {live or via recording} practice for several months in addition to the initiation.

Recording Available
Kaya provides handouts of the mantra or you can use your own book of the Chandi Path.