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Teachers Sangha

The Teachers Sangha is for members of the SRY Studio Online who are Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers {and people who think like teachers}

We meet each month, with a live video call in which you get to ask Kaya your questions! We dive into the prior month’s theme, practices, poses, teachings and any questions you have to support your home practice, your technical expertise or your teaching!

Monthly live support.
Ask your questions.
Connect to other SRY students and teachers.
Inspire and deepen your practice or your teaching.

Photo by Kirill Palii on Unsplash

What about Namaste?

Access a rich teaching from Kaya about the true meaning and use of Namaste, whether or not to use it in a yoga class, the mantra Kaya uses to end yoga classes and the deeper meaning it holds about individual, collective and divine karma!