Kaya’s Techniques & Approach

As sister-tools of the Vedic tradition, these compatible techniques are incorporated into the overall approach at Yoga with Kaya. This full spectrum of support are woven into group offerings, teacher programs and deeper packages as appropriate and are also available a la carte.


Who resonates with these techniques?

  • Experienced yogis looking for a deeper inward-oriented practice or full spectrum yogic perspective and lifestyle.
  • Newbies looking for a healing practice that does not require flexibility, strength or perfection.
  • Those seeking holistic practices, self-care strategies and deep insight compatible with modalities such as acupuncture, psychotherapy or chiropractic.
  • Those experiencing chronic pain or fatigue and looking to resolve the underlying cause.
  • Teachers or wellness practitioners desiring an experienced partner in their own healing.

SRY™ – Spinal Release Yoga

Release the deepest tensions in your body, mind and heart. SRY is delivered via group classes, immersions and trainings. This rejuvenating yoga goes beyond other restorative or meditative approaches. The poses directly decompress the five segments of your vertebral column in sequence. As you release spinal tension, you increase internal space and resolve problematic mental and emotional patterns mapped in the subtle body. Individual attention, hands-on adjustments, meticulous alignment and supportive props ensure the practice is effective and personalized. Rather than a forceful workout or stretching competition, SRY offers blissful inner opening, physical healing, life transformation, and inner illumination. Try a class.

Spinal Release Yoga Because....
  • Fatigue, depletion or burnout
  • Spinal Misalignments or Scoliosis
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Over-strategizing
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Back, Neck or Hip Pain
  • Hypermobile Joints
  • Injuries from other forms of yoga, dance or movement
  • Negative mental and emotional patterns
  • Trauma
  • Psoas tension
  • Spinal tension or compression
  • Agitated nervous system
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Migraines
  • Feelings of disconnection
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth preparation
  • Withered heart
  • Overstimulation or overdoing
  • Difficulty with meditation or quieting the mind
  • Fibromyalgia

SRY™ Yoga Therapy

Get six times the spinal decompression and subtle body-mind changes as in group SRY classes. SRY Yoga Therapy is delivered via private sessions, Therapeutic poses and hands-on techniques are selected to create gentle but deep release exactly where you need. Clients leave released, relaxed, lengthened, renewed and rejuvenated. Commit to a deep treatment program for long-term change.

SRY Therapy Because.....
  • You are a yogi desiring more depth of inner experience
  • You are fatigued, depleted or burned out
  • You have spinal misalignments or scoliosis
  • You suffer from Insomnia, Stress, Over-Strategizing, or Anxiety
  • You have Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia
  • You have Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatic Pain, Hip Pain or Migraines
  • You have Hypermobile Joints
  • You are recovering injuries from other forms of yoga, dance, sport or movement
  • You suffer from negative mental and emotional patterns or trauma
  • You have psoas tension that no other therapy has helped
  • You have spinal tension or compression
  • You keep going back to the chiropractor or massage therapist with the same issue that never goes away
  • You have a busy mind or agitated nervous system
  • You tend to overstimulate or overdo and don’t know how to stop


Galvanize your strengths and reduce your vulnerabilities with a holistic individualized approach to wellbeing. In-depth assessment of your constitution and root causes of imbalance informs person-specific lifestyle, diet and botanical recommendations. Ayurveda is delivered via private consultations and group classes. Ayurveda equips you to live in accordance your nature, which improves digestion, sleep and overall health. Deep treatment support long-term healing.

Ayurveda Because......
  • You want to improve your skin, digestion, sleep or overall wellbeing
  • You want to improve your health and want personalized guidance, support and accountability
  • You desire to live a yogic lifestyle
  • You are Interested in deeper self-understanding and self-acceptance
  • You want to avoid fad diets or fitness programs
  • You are interested in living intentionally, thoughtfully and naturally
  • You desire to heal or prevent health issues holistically
  • You would like personalized recommendations of botanical medicine
  • You want a personalized eating plan
  • You are interested in doing a safe and natural cleanse
  • You would like to conceive
  • You are curious to know your “type” and have a yogic perspective on your health
  • You love traditional and holistic medicine
  • Your yoga is great, but it can’t “fix” everything and your life or health need help!
  • You want someone to hold your hand through healthier habits


Enjoy a holistic pregnancy guided by traditional wisdom. Mayurveda is delivered via online resources and one on one consultations. Mamas are supported through conscious conception, easeful pregnancy, natural birth preparation and balanced postpartum. We include botanical self-care and diet recommendations; nourishing recipes; SRY Prenatal Yoga; and Vedic Astrology. Together we honor your unique constitution to create a sacred and healthy path to motherhood. Contact Kaya to inquire.

Mayurveda Because.....
  • You are planning to conceive or are already pregnant and want holistic support
  • You are confronting uncomfortable pregnancy issues such as nausea or back pain
  • You are feeling anxious about or disconnected from your pregnancy or baby
  • You want to strive toward a natural birth
  • You are overwhelmed by pregnancy and birth and want overall guidance with tried and true principles that have worked for thousands of years.
  • You want personalized support based on YOUR family and your individual constitution
  • You want resources you can go back to again and again
  • You want to make sure you are getting in all of the best superfoods for your baby and avoiding unsafe foods and herbs with easy-to-access online resources

Vedic Astrology

Get profound insight and strategy regarding the many aspects of your life. Vedic Astrology is delivered to private clients a la carte and as part of deeper healing packages. A brief review of your horoscope is complimentary for SRY Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and Mayurveda clients to assess your wellbeing. In-depth consultations regarding health, career, love, family, finance, mind and emotions are an important component of deeper transformation and are provided by Michael Manzella.

Vedic Astrology Because....
  • You are curious to understand your destiny pattern or karma
  • You are feeling of dissatisfaction or confusion regarding a key area of life {such as relationship, work, spirituality, health}
  • You are confronting a health issue and want to understand the cause possibility for resolve.
  • You want an auspicious timing for a life event such as marriage, major investment, surgery, moving, travel or the start of a business venture
  • You are facing financial growth or loss
  • You need insight about a painful experience from the past
  • You are considering a major life change
  • You are a parent seeking deeper insight into your children’s destiny patterns
  • You want insight regarding relationship compatibility for marriage or partnership.
  • You want to plan for a healthy conception, pregnancy or birth at the right time
  • You want specific insight regarding the best places for relocation

Ways We Can Work Together



Train to help others heal deeply with a therapeutic yoga rooted in Vedic wisdom. 


Heal and rejuvenate your whole being by gently resolving tensions at their root.

– Transform your life through deep healing and learning. –