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To a loving path of inner unfoldment… and the wisdom you’ve sought all along

Discover the softer side of yoga with Kaya. Here you’ll access deeply nourishing practices for profound healing and personal growth, receive transformative teachings rooted in traditional Vedic philosophy, and gain a powerful pedagogy based on advanced expertise. Kaya makes timeless yogic teachings meaningful for modern life, offering them with warmth, compassion and humour. Join her for a sacred opportunity to uncover your supreme self and receive knowledge that truly nourishes and satisfies.

Join Kaya for nourishing in-person programs or online study

Nectar of The Gita

Online Training Begins July 2020
Join from Anywhere, Live or by Recordings!

Kaya’s most comprehensive online philosophy program for yogis & teachers in the illuminative teachings of the essential yogic text for yogis living with real world responsibilities and pressures. 

The Bhagavad Gītā is unique because it delivers the most full and supreme teachings not on a serene isolated mountain top, but right in the center of the messy, conflict-ridden life of a householder. This is the text for you – a yogi living in the real world. In the Nectar of Gītā Kaya expertly delivers the teachings of the Gita to students in three six week parts.  

A Loving Presence

"Kaya’s programs are so rich in content, practice, philosophy, ethics and deeply rooted in the tradition and meaning of what yoga is. I feel so fortunate to have her as my beloved teacher, it’s hard to put into words the depth of my gratitude. Kaya, thank you for being a loving presence, accepting all of me, even when I’ve felt like a blubbering mess. Thank you for so excellently modeling for me what it means to lead a yogic life and what it is to have the bhava of a teacher. What I have learned with you will create a solid foundation for whatever life path unfolds for me."

Mama and Healer
Compassionate, Healing and More

"Kaya is a teacher to her core - compassionate, healing, humorous, organized, deep, effective, powerful, insightful and authentic. She is steeped in knowledge and embodies an artistry of teaching that is a divine gift. I walk away from every training inspired and empowered to use what I’ve learned. I see tremendous benefit as I apply her teachings in my personal and professional life. I am deeply grateful to have such a master teacher in my life!"

Yoga Teacher
Changed My Life

"When I first arrived into Kaya’s guidance I was suffering with unresolved physical and emotional pain. She taught me to release my spine and it slowly changed my life. Her teachings continually layer in and build on depth of philosophical understanding that has truly helped me. Not only to heal from my pain, but to become the teacher that I am today. Kaya’s trainings are complete and transformational, while giving me clear strategies and plans for working with clients."

Yoga Therapist
A Teacher of Unmatched Quality

"Kaya’s a teacher of unmatched and highest quality. She’s authentic, grounded, deeply knowledgeable and experienced. Her programs are beautifully designed - layered for depth, yet simple and clear which has the student become experienced and confident in the material. Her approach is ordered but natural and excellent in all ways. Her presence is clear, deep, knowledgeable and she incorporates the principles of yoga in context and content."

Yoga Teacher and Artist
    ŚRY Fundamentals

    Learn the fundamentals of Supreme Release Yoga for home practice or to teach. Gain practical therapeutic tools for releasing the spine plus authentic teachings on the chakras, nadis and kundalini.

    Nectar of Yoga Nidra

    Rooted in the full spectrum of the Vedic tradition and supported by modern science, this live 6-week online program certifies you in the art, magic, and science of Yoga Nidra. 

    Nectar of the Gītā

    Kaya’s most comprehensive philosophy program for yogis and teachers. In 3 six-week parts, Kaya unpacks teaching and story in a way that is profoundly meaningful and transformational for your life.

    The Nectar of Yoga

    We come to yoga hungry for healing, wisdom and transformation.
    But popular yoga is often limited to athleticism, achievement or aesthetics – all of which fall short of yoga’s supreme potential.

    True yoga is a nectar that heals the pain of the human condition at its root: transforming your viewpoint, revealing the supreme essence of your being, and leaving you deeply self-satisfied and available for your life.

    Kaya weaves the full spectrum of Vedic wisdom – including Supreme Release Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedānta, Tantra, Vedic Astrology, Vastu design, and sacred texts and stories – into a rich tapestry that truly delivers yoga’s promise and lovingly transforms your practice and life.

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