Yoga with Kaya

Where Mystical Meets Practical

Welcome. If you’ve made your way here, it is because you are a born seeker. You love transformation and have pursued it for a long time. You know a lot already but you sense there must be… ‘more’… more to yoga & more to life. You’re beyond ready for  authentic, deep, meaningful & accessible teachings from a trustworthy steward. Come in. 

Holistic guidance from a living steward & householder mystic...
  • Vedic Scriptural Teachings & Storytelling that enrich and transform your life. 
  • Feminine divine teachings, stories & practices to nourish your heart and remedy your mind. 
  • Tantric Yoga that gently approaches the subtle & physical body as a sacred field of awakening. 
  • Sanskrit & Mantra recitation to deepen your journey. 
  • Accessible teacher who emphasizes personal attention and community connection. 
  • Āyurveda & Jyotisha {Vedic Astrology} & Vāstu {Vedic Design} woven into every offering. 

Nurturing Practice | Transformative Teaching | Powerful Pedagogy.

 Together with timeless wisdom and profound practice we Dismantle conditions That cover the truth and reveal your supreme self.    
Deep & Insightful conversations with Kaya
“Thank you so much for the gift of these sacred teachings and practices. You have had an incredible impact on my life. You radiate incredible confidence, wisdom, and kindness. Studying with you I've felt myself mature, but even more special to me, I've felt that I am beginning to mature as a teacher of yoga. I have so very much to learn, but having a teacher like you gives me great excitement to continue studying and following this path. Thank you for everything you have done for me, I am so grateful.”

March: Mapping the Mystical

Meditative Realms Within - Sitting without Struggle

Explore the subtle of the the spine, gently releasing obstruction in the pathways of prāṇa [nādis] while decompressing the spine. This series emphasizes the advanced but accessible seated āsana experience. Each week develops stages of Ardha Padma Paschimottanāsana, which brings progressive natural meditative bliss. Delight in the inner meditative realms with ease. This series is therapeutic, blissful, gentle, meditative, inner oriented and healing. 
The practices are woven with contemplations about the meditative experience from Patanjali Yoga Sūtras. 
“Kaya's a gifted soul who shares yogic teachings with such precision and expertise. I’m brought to tears, learning timeless wisdom cuts deep. It feels as if there is a truth inside, waiting to be acknowledged. When I’m in the presence of somebody like Kaya who’s dedicated her life to these teachings sharing this wisdom, and transforming people’s lives, it awakens that infinite part of me. If you are into yoga and timeless truths, study with Kaya.”

Nectar of Time

Private Container to attune to the Sacred

Experience life organized and nourished by the sacred nectar of time. Each month Kaya shares festivals of the vedic calendar, Vedic Astrology insights in real time, stories of Gods & Goddesses, deep teachings and lifestyle practices that transform life into a meaningful ritual. Learn to step in rhythm with the divine drumbeat who takes the form Time Each month includes live teachings, Q&A, and bonus content to help you orient each month attuned to cosmic order. 

“For the rest of this life you will be named as ‘my teacher’. It brings tears to my eyes. My gratitude will never be able to be expressed in words. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Deep Authentic Wisdom


Supreme Release Yoga
"Kaya’s knowledge is so vast, her communication so clear, her presence so unencumbered by personal issues or needing validation from her students, that the teaching is extremely accessible. She’s organized and calm, clearly in her element and her pace is measured. She is aware of everyone as individuals and of the whole group at the same time. The whole experience allows for as easeful as possible a download of both the intellectual information and the subtle transmission of teaching."

You came to yoga hungry for healing and wisdomSadly, yogaland promotes athleticism, achievement, spiritual bypass or aesthetics, keeping authentic yoga hidden from view. What you have been seeking all along does exist – it is the true, authentic yoga tradition, the nectar that resolves the pain of the human condition at its root and reveals your supreme potential – the essence of your being. The more you deepen into yourself, the more you become available to be a full participant in your life & your community. My purpose is to weave a rich tapestry that honors the Nectar of Yoga’s promise so that you can lovingly transform your practice, your mind and your life. 


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Knowledge & inspiration for a yogic life in every moment.

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!