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"I have been slowly, slowly listening and contemplating all of the teachings and explanations. I have tears of every single emotion possible. I’m so so happy, so grateful. I am so taken aback, in awe, and appreciative that I have been born with the wonderful karma to have the privilege to be able to access, and receive this scripture, and to have it be taught, translated and expressed so well, by you. I simply need to go and sit for a moment, in silence. And just be. Just be still. I’ll be forever thankful to have you enter my life and become my most inspiring, knowledgeable, trusted, respected and heartfelt teacher. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. - Erika

Membership Containers

Teachings & Practice with Ongoing Intimate Support & Guidance

SRY Studio

Gentle but deep, advanced but accessible. SRY is an embodied experience of the your body as a sacred field of yoga. 

Kaya’s healing, therapeutic Supreme Release Yoga practices reveal blissful states within by gently decompressing your spine to nurture you from the physical to the subtle.  The online SRY studio offers live practices and over 50 on-demand videos to support you at home. 

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Nectar of Time

Experience life organized and nourished by the sacred nectar of time. Each month Kaya shares Vedic Astrology, classical puranic stories, deep teachings and practices that transform life into a meaningful ritual guided by time as a form of the divine. Each month includes live teachings, Q&A, and bonus content to help you orient each month attuned to cosmic order. 

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“Thank you, Kaya, for all that you do for us - your humility, wit, clarity, care, insight and your ability to hold an expansive vision while empathizing with our individual struggles. I honestly had no idea teacher-student relationships could be so nourishing and I know that is because you are tapped into something very real, very meaningful and very magical. Thank you for all that you do, and thank you to your teachers and theirs and theirs and backwards throughout time.” ~ JJ, Pilates & Yoga Instructor

Short Modules

Mini courses can be a great place to started. Or add them as a compliment to longer programs.

Sanskrit Pronunciation & Mantra

Fun, inspiring, and truly accessible! courses in sacred sound & meaning. 

Learn to appreciate & pronounce Sanskrit sounds and words. 

Mantras to invoke blessing for Knowledge and Mantras to incorporate into your day to imbue your life with the divine. 

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DeMystifying the Doctrine of Karma

Understand the vast mystery of karma, fate, free will and reincarnation. Everything that you ever wanted to know about karma but no one could answer well. 

You’ll be recallibrated by this life-changing wisdom which is essential for anyone on a yogic journey. 

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Scriptural Study

Deep, authentic teachings made meaningful & personal through stewardship.

Nectar of Patanjali

Online Program (15 CEU)

Clarify Yoga’s Purpose & Practice in this transformational householder’s approach to Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtrāni. 

Explore key teachings of the yoga sutras in ways that touch the heart and impact your practice and life. In this program we’ll extract the esoteric and transformational nectar of key sutras with the ancient commentary of Veda Vyāsa and the blessing of the oral teachings of Kaya’s teachers. 

Immersion AUGUST 2023

Nectar of Gita


Kaya’s most comprehensive study program. The Bhagavad Gitā offers the most supreme yogic teachings brought down from the mountain top into real life. This program is an immersion in personal and spiritual growth. Taught in an authentic way that takes you beyond dry “philosophy” and into true meaningful transformation. 

Discover answers to life’s deepest questions about the human experience and the choices that bring supreme happiness. 

7th annual program starts Jan 2024


Deepening, healing, transformational and technical.
Pedagogy for your personal practice or your teaching skills.

Nectar of Nidra

{30 CEU}

Deep training in Yogic Sleep with authentic tantric and vedic context. Learn to share this profoundly accessible but advanced practice with others. Full spectrum authentic teachings will support you to confidently lead Savasana & Yoga Nidrā. 

This program threads āyurveda, yoga therapy, tantra, vedanta, and vedic astrology for true healing and transformation. 

Next Round: Nov. 2023

SRY Fundamentals


Deepen your practice of Supreme Release Yoga and learn to share SRY with others. 

Get into the intricacies of the most essential practices of SRY with Kaya so you can be empowered in your own personal practice and gain the skill to share this healing and transformational practice with others. 

Next Round: Sept 2023

Vāstu: Divine Patterns of Life

3 Part Program (10 CEU)

The cosmos is organized in patterns with hidden meaning. In this course, you’ll learn to recognize and utilize the most harmonizing patterns {and avoid disharmony} in your life, home & your asana practice or teaching.

This is a life-altering opportunity to transform your ability to see everything as a living manifestation of the DIVINE! The whole world – including asana – will look divinely different to you after this program. 

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Healing Hypermobility


For nearly two decades Kaya has specialized her yoga therapy work on tending to the hypermobile tendencies rampant in the majority of dedicated yoga practitioners and teachers. She has also healed her own hypermobility patterns. 

She developed her Healing Hypermobility training for teachers in 2015 and is overjoyed to bring it to her online community in 2023!

Now Available Self Paced

"Thank you for this amazingly comprehensive teaching. I've felt that there was a different form of wisdom from what I had learned before but never accessed until now with you. The upanishad story you told in this program touched me deeply! I will be listening again, just to drink it in! As someone who was initiated at a problematic yoga school, I had felt lost about how to proceed on my yoga and spiritual path until now. Your teaching gives me hope, guidance and a way forward. Thank you". ~ Judith, Yoga Teacher


Heal, transform and illumine your life, clear difficult karma, and gather support from the unseeable realms of the divine.

Teachings and initiation into rituals, practices, teachings, skills and remedies with Kaya are offered by invitation based on your astrological chart, revelations during vedic counseling sessions, various pre-requisites and other metricts that determine the safety, appropriateness and readiness of the student relative to the teachings, the subject and the group dynamic. 

Certifications with Kaya

Formal acknowledgement of your commitment to yoga
Nectar of Yoga Certifications

Philosophy + Practice Certifications

For Seekers & Teachers Start Now!

Gather all of your studies with Kaya into a Certification!

You choose your own adventure & pace in our modular certifications which bundles Kaya’s authentic offerings into 3 levels of certification: Initiation, Integration or Illumination. 

Divine Practice with Kaya

A practice to love that will love you back.

Live + On Demand!

Supreme Release Yoga!

Divine Approach For all Bodies

The healing & transformational practice you’ve been looking for. Gentle but deep, advanced but accessible. SRY is rooted in the tantric understanding of the body as a sacred field of the yogic journey. 

Accessible practices reveal blissful states within by gently decompressing your spine to nurture your body at every level, including subtle realms.  The online SRY studio offers live practices and over 50 on demand videos to support you at home. 

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!