Online Programs

Authentic yogic teachings in your own time and space

Learn and Grow Online with Kaya

Kaya’s online programs weave sacred texts, modern science, and timeless wisdom together with her lived experience as a teacher, mother, and householder. You’ll receive full spectrum Vedic teachings delivered with depth, intelligence, and joy from the comfort and privacy of your own space. Kaya’s live teachings also include time for questions, allowing you to grow and deepen your practice at home.

Agni and Soma Nutrition: Ayurvedic Nutrition for Yogis

Mini Online Course
Kaya blends practical Ayurvedic teachings, Vedic mantra, and vibrant storytelling into this easy-to-digest course that delivers just what you need to assess and improve your own relationship with food. You’ll learn to assess and treat digestive imbalances and integrate Ayurvedic superfoods into your diet, helping you to nourish every tissue and transform each level of your health.
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Nectar of Nidra

6-Week Online Program
Gain clarity in every Shavasana you give with an understanding of the most advanced but accessible experience - Yoga Nidrā. This program unpacks the meaning, purpose and value of Yogic sleep with both philosophical context and practical tools with a full spectrum Vedic Educated rooted in a divine feminine approach. Nectar of Nidrā weaves Ayurveda and modern science with Tantra, Yogic, Vedānta, Vedic Psychology and Puranic Story. With newfound understanding of teachings from the subtle spine to samskāra, you'll be able to confidently lead Shavasana from 10 minutes at the end of a yoga class, to long format offerings designed to take students deeper.
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The Nectar of the Gītā

7 Month Online Program {in three 6-week Segments}
The most supreme yogic teachings brought down from the mountaintop into real life. This program is an immersion in personal and spiritual growth, designed to satisfy your thirst for transformation and happiness whilst inspiring you on your path. This three-part intensive into yoga’s most profound and essential teachings is taught in a way that is designed to be meaningful to your life, work, relationships and purpose. This program is sheer gold to anyone longing for the true nectar of wisdom. Discover answers to and practices for life's deepest questions about the human struggle and potential, divinity, the complexity of life and the depths of the mind.
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Pregnancy SRY and Ancestral Healing Practice

1 Hour Practice
Benefit from a healing contemplative practice for pregnancy, sexual vitality, pelvic health, and ancestral healing. For anyone with a body - all genders and stages of life are welcome. Kaya guides a Supreme Release Yoga practice - therapeutic, nurturing, and slow - threaded with deep traditional teachings about healing the wounds and gathering the virtues of our ancestors.
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