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Supreme Release Yoga: Healing, Revelatory Sacred Practice for Your Whole Being

Supreme Release Yoga is a revelatory yoga. It is an embodied unfoldment of yoga’s most profound promise. The SRY practice gently decompresses and nurtures your spine to facilitate deep healing, life transformation and the mystical experience within. There are no yoga mats, mirrors, performances, or workouts. Instead, we make a sacred pilgrimage within to discover the Self of the self. In SRY, you find an approach rooted in authentic vedic teachings and the radical act of love as a means to truth. SRY is rooted in this phrase: “Yoga teaches you to love yourself, starting with the body.

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In this body, there is a sacred mountain, the vertebral column. It is surrounded by seven islands. There are rivers, seas, mountains, fields and lords of the fields there. Within this subtle realm are seers and sages, the stars and planets as well as sacred pilgrimages, temples, and deities. The sun and moon, the agents of creation and destruction and all the elements are also there within. ~ Śiva Saṃhitā

This month enjoy 2 Series inside SRY Studio!

Divine Sleep

Rest, release & delve into the hidden realms within for healing. Each week, you’ll receive a new guided awareness for Yoga Nidrā with an emphasis on your spine as the bed of awakening. Perfect to practice at the end of the calendar year & easy to bring with you when traveling or lying in bed. Journey inward with each practice that invokes inner yogic delights that heal you in the deepest places. Divine Sleep is a restful and healing opportunity to re-pattern at the deepest level with yogic awareness and bliss. 

Soma Flow

This sacred & dynamic journey threads gentle spinal nourishment, prāṇāyāma, mantra + rhythmic movement. Youl nurture and draw the sacred nectar of vitality through your subtle spine to increase vitality & bliss. Each week develops the stages of SomaFlow, gifting you progressive deep  restructuring and rejuvenation. This series is therapeutic, blissful, rejuvenating, empowering & woven with contemplations about the nectar of immortality from the tradition. 
“I’ve done one class every day since I joined. I’m enjoying the level of awareness creates. I’m noticing it shifting through those subtle releases. Wow! And I love your reminders of the effect the physical release has on the subtle body. I'm grateful to have deeper guidance. I feel much more open, less stuck. Tender, in a great way.”
Ayurveda Practitioner
"Kaya, thank you for bringing SRY yoga into my life. And for making a solid online yoga studio so that I might see you, hear your voice and do my practice every day. Thank you for teaching me on so many levels, seen and unseen."
Yoga Teacher
“This practice has given me experiences of the deeper states of consciousness I always yearned for. I was into Indian traditions from a young age but never had the transcendental experiences I heard about. With this yoga I accessed absorbed states of consciousness and bliss for the first time in my life. It is mind blowing!”

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$35 USD / month

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$305 USD / year

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You gift one month, they choose the month! 

About Supreme Release Yoga

Heal from Within

In SRY, you’ll gently, deeply & directly release the tensions along your spine – the axis of your physical body & the conduit of Consciousness. You’ll be expertly & lovingly guided to use healing angles, personalized propping, and awareness to interiorize yoga in a way that creates nurturance, length and spaciousness along this sacred centerline within. 

Each practice offers a journey that releases your whole spine, segment-by-segment, with a special emphasis on your pelvis & heart. The result is true inner healing of painful patterns and a restructuring of your body.  

We release the muscle tension patterns, which realigns the bones and creates more internal space for the flow of blood and the function of your internal organs.  

Transform Patterns

The spine is both the physical axis and the centerline of the subtle realm. Through gently decompressing the spine, we can heal past painful karmic patterns that are concealing your true potential. We also reveal inner yogic patterns and health patterns waiting to be revealed. 

The result of SRY is transformation of your body, mind, relationships and sense of purpose. As your spine pens your true self and true potential is revealed. 

Working with the spine means we are healing the physical, revealing the subtle and mapping the mystical realms – all at the same time.  

Map the Mystical


With Kaya, each practice is unfolded like a sacred embodied story. Here mystical teachings & meanings of yoga, vedānta and tantra come alive in YOU. 

In the yogic vision of the body, the spine in particular is a sacred pilgrimage site that is accessible to you at all times. No matter your background, experience level or body type the mystical is there, waiting within. Supreme Release Yoga methods uncover the inner divine from the very beginning of your journey. 

"I learned and experienced more in my first 4 practices of SRY with Kaya than in my entire four years my Yoga Therapy school!! I am loving finally being a student again, and I know it is going to allow me to better support my own clients. Teachers need teachers"
Yoga Teacher
"Kaya's approach is the most accessible and inclusive yoga of any I have ever tried, and she doesn't even use that to 'sell' what she does. It is just part of who she is."
Yoga Therapist & disability advocate
"Thank you for this practice! I'm finally learning to release and blossom. I had a huge shift within the first few days, and last night I cried because I finally know what it is to feel safe in yoga, in my body and with a teacher. SRY is what I've been looking for. I finally feel eager to do my practice daily. It is literally what I needed!"
Longtime Practitioner of Yoga

Features of the SRY Online Membership

Healing at home with loving guidance and support
Therapeutic Yoga Practice
A blissful yoga practice to love that will love you back. Healing profound practice threaded with contemplative teachings. 
LIVE + Self Paced Options
Regular new LIVE practices keep things fresh, while self-paced videos support regular daily practice from 10 min – 75 min 
accessible practice & teacher
Screen Shot 8 11.43.07 AM
A responsive teacher who understands students and facilitates connection. Q&As + community forum deepen your journey. 

SRY Studio Live & On Demand

  • Regular new Live practiceS
  • A Rich on demand LibrarY to Customize your experience
  • Therapeutic, Accessible, Inclusive
  • Guided by a Yogic steward
  • Storytelling & Indian Scripture
  • Rich and detailed Q&As

About Kaya

Yoga Therapist, Educator and Wisdom Holder, Kaya Mindlin has been teaching yoga students for over 22 years. She brings a mothering bhāva and technical acumen that is rare. Her approach was developed over her many years immersed as a seeker and practitioner in the full spectrum of the vedic tradition. She’s informed by over 3,000 hours of deep training in the tradition and her many years of  working with thousands of students internationally. 

The best way to decide if SRY and Kaya are a fit for you, is to try for yourself and discern. This is your precious life and your precious practice. 

Try SRY for a month. You’re also invited to try our FREE practice if you want to test it out or take a listen to Kaya’s sharings in her many podcast interviews to have a sense of her. 

SRY Online Studio

$35 USD / month

{monthly subscription, cancel anytime}

$305 USD / year

{$25 per month - annual subscription}
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Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!