Supreme Release Yoga

the inner oriented, therapeutic, Authentic practice you've waited for

In SRY Your Practice is a Soft & Sacred Journey

SRY is a yoga practice that gently reaches into, decompresses and nurtures your spine – the axis of physical health and the conduit of the spiritual journey.. The result of SRY is body healing, life transformation and inner awakening. There are no yoga mats, no mirrors, no performance, and no workout. Instead, we are make a sacred pilgrimage within to discover the Self of the self. In SRY, you find an approach rooted in authentic vedic teachings and rooted in the radical act of love as a means to truth. We remember, “yoga teaches you to love yourself, starting with the body

February Series: SomaFlow

Rhythm | Release | Rejuvenation

This month Kaya shares initiation into the SomaFlow practice, a blissful journey which threads relaxing release + prāṇāyāma + soma mantra + rhythmic movement that pulls the nectar of vitality through the subtle spine. SomaFlow increases vitality, juiciness, & bliss. It guides the body to fill with renewed life force deep in the subtle realms. Each week develops the stages of the SomaFlow practice, gifting you progressive deep rhythm, release, restructuring and rejuvenation as you go. This series is therapeutic, blissful, rejuvenating, releasing & empowering. 
The practices are woven with contemplations about the nectar of immortality from tantric texts & the oral tradition. 

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Healing & Transformation at home with loving Experienced guidance
In this body, there is a sacred mountain, the vertebral column. It is surrounded by seven islands. There are rivers, seas, mountains, fields and lords of the fields there. Within this subtle realm are seers and sages, the stars and planets as well as sacred pilgrimages, temples, and deities. The sun and moon, the agents of creation and destruction and all the elements are also there within. ~ Śiva Saṃhitā

SRY Online Studio

Easy-to-use platform with live teachings and on demand videos that range 10 to 75 minutes.

Healing & Transformation at home with loving guidance and support

Features of the SRY Online Yoga Studio

Therapeutic Yoga Practice

The heart of the SRY studio is blissful practice time. Undergo true healing through profound yogic practice threaded with contemplative yogic teachings. 

LIVE + On Demand Options

Follow along with the weekly primary practice [live & recorded] or choose from 75+ on-demand videos to support you anytime you want to practice. 

accessible practice & teacher
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Experience a responsive teacher who gets to know her students’ needs and facilitates connection. Live Q&A and chat with Kaya after live classes.

"Kaya, thank you for bringing SRY yoga into my life. And for making a solid online yoga online so that I might see you, hear your voice and do my practice every day. Thank you for teaching me on so many levels, seen and unseen."
Yoga Teacher
“I to tell you how much I’m enjoying the classes. I’ve done one every day since I joined. I’m enjoying the level of awareness creates. I’m noticing it shifting through those subtle releases. Wow! And I love your reminders of the effect the physical release has on the subtle body. I'm grateful to have deeper guidance. I feel much more open, less stuck. Tender, in a great way.”
Ayurvedic Specialist &Teacher
“This practice has given me experiences of the deeper states of consciousness I always yearned for. I was into ‘new age’ and Indian traditions from a young age but never had the transcendental experiences I heard about. With this yoga I accessed absorbed states of consciousness and bliss for the first time in my life. It is mind blowing!”

Live & On Demand

  • Purifying the Pathways of Prāṇa
  • Soma: Nectar of Immortality

SRY Online Studio

$35 USD / month

{monthly subscription, cancel anytime}

$287 USD / year

{$24 per month - annual subscription}
Did you know you can give the gift of SRY?

Gift $25 USD FOR one MONTH

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In 2023 SRY Studio Members are going on a journey into nectar.

Join the journey anytime! You can dive into any month or start from the beginning with the on demand videos.  

January: Soma Fundamentals for healing 

February: SomaFlow for transformation 

March: Seated in Soma for illumination 

April: Somafied Psoas for integration

3 min on the 2023 pilgrimage of practice

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!