Transform Your Life Through
Deep Healing & Learning.

Welcome Yogi.

You’ve found a therapeutic practice that gently meets you where you are and takes you through deeper healing and learning. You’ve found a teacher who values the full spectrum of yogic teachings and its rightful place in the modern world.



Train to help others heal deeply with a therapeutic yoga rooted in Vedic wisdom. 


Heal and rejuvenate your whole being by gently resolving tensions at their root.

Honoring Tradition & Providing Quality


“Kaya brings the best quality of a master to her teaching – discernment. In her presence, we feel cared for and nurtured. She honors the tradition of yoga, its depth, its beauty, and its complexity. Studying with her has been pleasurable, engaging, and I intend to continue.”

Katy, Yoga Therapist in Training

Reflections & Results From A Teacher


“My first classes with Kaya I experienced a secure sense of having found a teacher and system was going to work for me. Not only did I get pain relief, I found a place where peace of mind was reliably cultivated – exactly what I needed. Over time, I continued to go to classes with Kaya because of the high quality of her teaching. The knowledge she gives to her students is unmatched in quality, depth and accessibility.”

Jen, SRY Teacher and Gyrotonic Teacher

A New Sense Of Calm & Exuberance


“I don’t think that I have ever felt this open. I can now track an open path all the way from my head, through the inside front of my hip, and down to my toes. I also have a new sense both of calm and exuberance.”

Tim, CEO

– Transform your life through deep healing and learning. –