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Welcome to the inner, therapeutic practice you've been searching for. Welcome to yoga as sacred journey,
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Starting the Sacred Spiral

a 60 minute practice

This practice is the first in a 4 week mysteical & therapeutic series found inside the SRY Studio Online. We combines reclined and seated āsana as a sacred journey. . Please avoid workout or stretching activity or other styles of yoga for a few hours after this practice. 


"In the body is the sacred mountain {the vertebral column}, surrounded by seven islands {the chakras}. There are rivers, seas, mountains, fields and lords of the fields too. In the body are seers and sages, all the stars and planets, sacred pilgrimage sites, shrines and presiding deities. The sun and moon, the agents of creation and destruction also move in this place. Space, air, fire, water and earth are there also.

This class is one of 50+ practices in Kaya's online studio that brings healing yoga to hundreds of yogic seekers worldwide every day.
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divine approach For all bodies
Mystical & Healing Practice with Kaya

Supreme Release Yoga!

Kaya’s Supreme Release Yoga [SRY] emerges out of the authentic tradition of veda & tantra yoga. This healing & transformational approach rooted views the body as a sacred field of the yogic journey. We reveal blissful states within by nourishing & decompressing your spine in accessible ways 

The online SRY studio offers live practices, personalized Q&A time with Kaya and over 50 on-demand videos to support you in your practice at home every day. 

SRY Students find they have a reliable yoga practice that they love, that loves them back. 80% of our members do yoga every day with ease!

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