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Yoga Therapy
Kaya Mindlin

Jyotish + Me – Why and How I use Vedic Astrology in my Personal Life

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Yoga Therapy
Kaya Mindlin

Using Props to Deepen Your Practice {aka why props are not remedial}

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Kaya has been Featured on these Podcasts

The Wild and Wise Podcast

Episode 9: Clarifying Non-Attachment and Spiritual Bypass. We delve into common misunderstandings of how to live a worldly life while also walking a spiritual path. We talk about the what it is to practice non-attachment while cultivating a natural attachment in intimate relationships – and how confusion is cultivated in spiritual and religious communities. We look at how to make your whole life “spiritual” making your spiritual path another “to do” lists. 

J Brown Yoga Talks

Kaya was referred to J as someone who would speak candidly with him about difficult topics and she did not disappoint. They discuss the meaning of lineage, misinformed mindsets in “yogaland”, Vedic astrology and Ayurveda, guidance on how to choose teachers and appropriateness in relationships, and the truth that because we lack nothing and Yoga can not give you anything even though it allows you to discover everything.

The Connected Yoga Teacher

Episode 158: The Yoga Nidrā State. Said to be as old as yoga itself, but which is less well known and not as widely practiced, is Yoga Nidrā. Sometimes described as “yogic sleep”, Yoga Nidrā can be a powerful healing and transformational technique and state. Kaya shares more about this fascinating aspect of yoga in this interview. Plus, this interview includes a listners discount on her program, the Nectar of Nidrā.

Voices of Yoga Podcast

Kaya abandoned academia to delve into thousands of hours of direct tutelage and formal training with generous teachers in Vedic tradition. Listen to her story and perspective. We talk about he importance of the spine from yogas perspective, the “softer side of yoga”, whether there is a difference between yoga and yoga therapy, Myths in yogaland and the problem with the “guru problem”.

Simple Ayurveda Podcast

Episode 58: Deep Nourishment and the Nectar of Soma with Kaya Mindlin. Kaya shares her passion for the Soma side of yoga and wellness.

Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Episode 58: Lessons on burnout and spiritual bypassing from The Bhagavad Gītā with Kaya Mindlin

Mastering the Business of Yoga

July 24, 2019: Kaya Mindlin on Building a Small Successful Yoga Business through deep and meaningful work with students. 

Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Episode 23: Teacher-centered Yoga studio business model that puts teachers and students first with Kaya Mindlin

Highlights from Kaya’s YouTube Channel

Yoga Philosophy
Introduction to Supreme Release Yoga
Sanskrit and Mantra
Nectar of Rejuvenation: Teachings on Soma