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yoga with kaya | ayurvedic wisdom


I created this program for students and clients who are seeking optimal nutrition with a yogic perspective. 

This course offers a means to self-assess your digestive fire so that you can imbibe of the Āyurvedic “super foods”, those foods that are most deeply nourishing to the tissues of the body and calming to the mind, these foods are known as “rasāyana” or “soma” foods.

I hope that this course brings you understanding and wellbeing. I offer pranāms to my outstanding teachers who guided me the full spectrum of timeless Vedic teachings and practices.


Getting Started

1) Begin with Lesson One, Agni, The Digestive Fire.  Some students will find they need a few days to self-assess, through self-observation of your appetite and eating and digestion patterns. Handouts to print inside! 

2) Next dive into Lesson Two, Soma, The Nectar Foods. Here you’ll learn about the value of foods, what they are, and when and how to enjoy them.  

By the end of this program you will have completed 2 educational hours, applicable as Continuing Education in your field, and more importantly, hopefully enriching to your life.