Ayurvedic Yoga: Sequencing for the Seasons

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Learn to align your yoga teaching and practice with profound Ayurvedic principles. This mini-course will show you how to design teaching themes and lesson plans for the whole year, inspired by the ebbs and flows of nature and the timeless teachings of Ayurveda. You’ll get a seasonal template to adapt to your own approach and clientele, and can use what you learn to inspire and evolve your own personal practice, group classes, and private yoga sessions.


Are you under the influence of the yogi-maker?

Yogic seekers tend to be influenced by Saturn, and also tend to feel “different”. 

Sign up below and learn how Saturn can bring the blessing of karmic life lessons your soul needs for true embodied revelation.

There are times I think you customize these talks just for me. The light you shed is helping me find my way. Thank you.