Nectar of Nidra 2024

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For these seven weeks, on Mondays, you will receive an email with the recommended Divine Sleep audio and other reminders for the week. Every Friday is LIVE lesson. Class recordings drop on Saturdays. You can find everything you need below! 

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Week 7

In this lesson, we delve into a comprehensive review of language and speech principles essential for understanding the nuances of Yoga Nidrā, exploring its how, where, when, and who aspects. Delving deeper, we examine considerations for sharing Yoga Nidrā, emphasizing neutrality, the interplay of opposites, and the significance of context and structure. Whether integrating Yoga Nidrā into an asana class or dedicating a session solely to it, we weigh the merits of private versus group settings and discuss suitable āsanas to complement the practice. Practical insights are provided on script elongation and managing longer Yoga Nidrā sessions, along with guidance on addressing potential challenges and maintaining teacher presence. Furthermore, we explore the profound Shiva Shakti principle and its connection to the essence of Yoga Nidrā, culminating in strategies for effectively marketing these transformative offerings.