Past Sangha Lessons

Sangha September 2021

66 Minute Sangha 00:15 – Opening Mantras 01:50 – Current astrological configurations from the Vedic Viewpoint 04:46 – Contemplation for the month 08:30 – Handling grief and loss 13:29 – Ujjayi Pranayama during SRY Poses 23:30 – Sequencing in SRY and the question of following rigid rules 36:31 – How to discern if teachings and […]

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Sangha August 2021

55 Minute Sangha 00:00  – This month’s contemplation – What is one thing I can commit to or focus on for a time? 01:35 – Is there a prayer or mantra to do for clients / students during Shavasana? 05:21 – How to keep someone’s ankle from spring loading in Janu Shirshasna? 10:21 – Is

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Sangha July 2021

99 Minute Sangha 00:00 – Opening mantra – Ya Devi 00:48 – Contemplation – Bringing our attention to what is good, expansive, and free 06:13 – How to appropriately bring philosophy into asana classes for beginners, and how to be a good steward of yoga 26:04 – On using appropriate language to describe yogic teachings

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Sangha June 2021

Contemplative Questions This month contemplate your will and your svadharma {individual purpose}:  How are you applying your individual divine will toward accomplishing an aspect of your purpose and responsibility? Or, how are you struggling with this, and how might you apply your will moving forward?” It may be about expressing something outwardly to others, or

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Sangha May 2021

Contemplative Q This month: Sva Dharma.  In our share circle before the  Q and A we discussed dharma – specifically your individual dharma.  Your individual dharma has cycles within cycles. To the large theme of your life, to particular purpose or mission being emphasized at particular times of life, to the day-to-day responsibilities and duties. 

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Sangha April 2021

Contemplative Q Our Sangha began with the circle time & contemplation question share on Moksha. Mokṣa is the natural human pursuit of liberation, freedom, space, quiet, enlightenment. Take some time to contemplate, journal or verbalize {maybe do this with a friend or partner} How are you fulfilling your requirement for mokṣa in your life? Is

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Sangha March 2021

Contemplative Q To think about, talk about with a dear friend, or journal about. Kāma – Pleasure! Take a moment to think about – what have you been doing lately to fulfill the “pleasure principle”, known as kāma. How are you filling up the natural human requirement for pleasure or enjoyment on a regular basis,

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Sangha February 2021

This is a monthly SRY Sangha. Often these are open forums of questions and discussion. This particular gathering we focused on the topic of money. It was so valuable to the group that we decided it would be a beneficial stand-alone class for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and healing practitioners in general. It is available

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Sangha January 2021

65 Min Sangha This Sangha begins with a share circle. Followed by questions about hypermobile children, the 5 types of prāṇa, SomaFlow, Ujjayi, Yoga Alliance and more! [00:01:35] Opening prayer: Om Asato Mā Sadgamaya [00:06:30] Circle about “light & dark” [00:23:93] Kids & hypermobility patterns {physical & psychological} + Hypermobile mind tendencies {over-giving; under-taking; entitlement}

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Sangha December 2020

60 Min Sangha [00:00:00] Sa Ha Na Vavatu Mantra [00:00:44] Paramparā Mantra [00:01:15] The purpose/effect of Anjali Mudrā? [00:08:24] Trauma, Choice & Discernment [00:10:41] Ways to investigate the value and purpose of a practice [00:13:40] What the tradition of Hasta Samudrika says about Anjali Mudra [00:27:40] Chakras are Prescriptive, Nādis are Descriptive [00:30:40] “Causitis” and finding the root of a problem in the

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Sangha November 2020

Sangha Session Note ~ I love to have you see all the faces in a gallery the way we do on the live call. My apologies we didn’t have this feature this time! The zoom settings changed! Will have it right next time.  Time Stamps [00:00:01.18] Opening Devi mantra  [00:01:26.10] Holding knee and pressing shoulder

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Sangha October 2020

90 Min Sangha [00:00:26] Ya Devi mantra verse [00:05:20] Identifying dharmic choices[00:19:35] Accepting that we don’t fully comprehend the purpose behind it all[00:28:45] Considerations on the Feminine Divine[00:33:13] Trauma and yoga āsana[00:53:10] Individualism culture, the erosion of community, and the damage to the teacher-student relationship [00:58:52] The fixation on individual choice in “Yogaland” and our responsibility

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Sangha September 2020

Teacher Sangha [00:00:00] Opening mantra: Om Sahanā Vavatu [00:01:00] Medicinal use of psychedelics vs. the Yogic experience [00:16:48] Planets Rahu and Ketu, their influence, and other Vedic astrology insights [00:44:36] Requests for Kaya’s online Asana classes [00:50:25] Kuṇḍalinī yoga from a traditional perspective vs. the brand “Kundalini Yoga” [00:59:57] Kuṇḍalinī Śakti practices Vedic Astrology Articles The Celestial Serpent

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Sangha August 2020

Sangha Session Time Stamps [00:00:45.00] Mantra: Om Saha na Vavatu[00:01:37.27] On organized religion, pure consciousness, and “My problem with God” (intro to a future discussion)[00:05:28.00] Navarāti season and the Divine Feminine[00:07:46.00] Embryonic vs. anatomic model[00:14:32.03] On applying teachings of the Gita to mollify situations[00:25:36.00] The Vedic perspective on the source of all things[00:28:12.10] The meaning

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Sangha July 2020

Sangha Session [00:00:00] Chant: Hymn to the Ganges[00:02:00] Alignment fine-tuning: 1-1 vs. limitations of online group classes[00:04:04] Prasārita Padottanāsana vs. Kūrmāsana and Apānāsana[00:07:05] SRY and other Āsana practices during pregnancy[00:15:25] Side-lying Jānu śīrṣāsana, sacrum release, and hypermobility (with demo)[00:23:51] Legs up the wall vs. hypermobility (with demo)[00:29:26] “Dancer legs” (hypermobility), containment/propping, and release (with demo)[00:38:48]

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Sangha June 2020

June 27 Sangha Time Stamps with Topics Discussed [00:00:00] Prayer to the Paramparā [00:01:07] Hymn to the Mother Goddess in the form of the Gaṅgā/Ganges [00:06:21] Psoas release in upright lunge [00:13:45] Mantras and Malas: different beads for different chants? [00:16:39] Saying goodbye to a student: responsibility and Ayurveda-informed approaches [00:32:39] Teaching in person in

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Sangha May 2020

Sangha Session Dharma, Karma, Twists, Sequencing, Tech & sustaining Regular practice A Special Note I am clear that this needs to be an open forum with yogic viewpoint as the foundation. That this call happened amidst the murder of George Floyd followed by protests. We spend the first 25 min of the call on an

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Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!