Vedic Counseling and Mentoring

"Kaya is a gem – the equivalent of many experts rolled into one person! With her mentoring I’ve been able to keep a clear focus and not be pulled off course. She is compassionate, dedicated, brilliant, vastly knowledgeable in yoga, life and business, and her holistic approach is incredibly effective. I’m profoundly grateful for the impact she’s had on my life."

Profound & Practical

Vedic Counseling includes Wise Counsel & Insight with Practices for your mind and life. Mentoring which is for people working in the healing and transformational arts who need help with professional strategies. These two overlap, so you can book either type of session and we will address what is needed in the present moment.

Profound personal growth comes from consistent, personalized, attentive work with a skilled advisor with objective, time tested methods to support you. This direct relationship, which is the heart of how Vedic wisdom has been shared, allows you to benefit immediately and directly from applying yogic teachings to every aspect of life in real time.

Private work with Kaya is for those interested in growth – spiritual, personal, wellness, or professional. Kaya uses the full spectrum of the Vedic tradition to offer meaningful insights and effective strategies that catalyze therapeutic transformations in your health, mental state, relationships, work and more. Her multiple skill sets and full spectrum background allow for a truly holistic approach to growth in the deepest and most practical sense. 

If you’re seeking a loving, objective viewpoint on the intricacies of your body-mind-life and want counsel, insight and strategy rooted in timeless principles to transform your life, Vedic Counseling or Mentoring with Kaya may be the perfect fit for you. 

Book Sessions

Due to limited availability and high demand, we are currently scheduling Kaya's private mentoring sessions manually. Please email us at to receive a list of available times.

Single Session

Perfect if you are new to working privately with Kaya, or are returning for a bonus session after a package. 

For single sessions you’ll be prompted to purchase when you book in the scheduler above. 

Sustained Support

4 sessions

Get 1-2 months of support & guidance. 

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10 sessions

Get 3-4 months of support & guidance. 

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Mentoring and Vedic counseling support your unique path and individual needs. Ultimately you can book either type of session and we will simply delve into whatever you are aiming for and what is arising in the moment. There is so much overlap in the two type of sessions, because your life is whole and can not be compartmentalized.

About Vedic Counseling

The vedic counseling relationship is rooted in love, knowledge, healing, and growth. The Vedic Counselor offers support, insight, strategy to help the client live in accord with cosmic order, wholeness of wellbeing and individual purpose. 

Through Vedic Counseling, we are free to explore any aspect of your life that needs tending through a Vedic vision and personalized practices. We gain wisdom, makes difficulties simpler to manage, fortify strengths, open a sense of allowance for divine unfoldment and discover the happiness we have been seeking. 

Depending on Kaya deems is needed in the moment, we may use Ayurveda, Mantra, Vedic Astrology, Yoga Therapy, teachings of Vedanta or Śaktism., Vāstu {Vedic Design} and more. We truly apply the full spectrum of the Vedic tradition to your life as needed – which is how these systems were intended to be used!


Vedic Counseling with Kaya to ~ 

    • Improve your health & wellbeing
    • Deepen your spiritual life
    • Improve your relationships and work and daily life
    • Resolve trauma or patterns blocking a happy or stable life
    • Cultivate a deeper relationship with Self, partners, or colleagues.
    • To deepen a personal Yoga practice or yogic lifestyle
    • Access Kaya’s knowledge of Vedanta, Tantra, Feminine Divine, Mantra, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Vastu – applied to the ebb and flow of your personal life!


Mentoring is for those seeking to apply yogic principles and teachings to their profession – whether you want to launch, deepen, or shift your work in the healing or transformational arts. Kaya works with yoga teachers, psychologists, ayurvedic practitioners, yoga therapists, vedic astrologers, women’s circle facillitators and more to help them design work that is in accord with their personal dharma and fits their values and their life. 


Mentoring sessions may take a broad view of your work, in terms of vision, or get down to the very nitty gritty details or program design, teaching or session plans, written copy, relationships with clients or students and so on. 

  • Refine your professional vision and strategy in accordance with your individual skills and dreams.
  • Shift your skills, approach or business model to align with who you are now.
  • Learn and explore new techniques to share with your students or clients.
  • Design transformational offerings for your clients or students that fit your karma
  • Write group lesson plans or private session plans
  • Troubleshoot student and client issues that come up
    • Refine teaching or marketing language to fit your niche

*Vedic Astrology ~ Jyotisha

While I utilize my 800+ hours formal training in Vedic Astrology to inform our journey during 1:1 sessions, sometimes you need more in-depth attention and advice with this incredible, vast and complex system. For that I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Michael. Many clients will get a reading with Michael to prepare to deepen into strategy with during our time together. ~ Kaya

 Michael Manzella is an expert Jyotishi {Vedic Astrologer}. His skill, warmth, humor, depth and practical approach is a balm to clients internationally. Working with both Kaya and Michael provides full spectrum support that can transform your life. If you are at a juncture point in life, want insight or strategy, need to make a decision about a key aspect of work, family, finance, study, relationships and so on, we encourage a Jyotish reading. Jyotish offers profound light where there is ignorance or confusion, and Kaya has relied on it heavily in her own teaching, life and work for over 15 years.

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!