Sanskrit & Mantra

“Prayer is the highest form of communication with the divine. Prayer helps nurture one’s special relationship with the Divine. Prayer has its purpose in helping one achieve an object of desire, and helps one gain the maturity to be a qualified recipient of spiritual knowledge, which helps us discover the freedom and happiness that is the nature of oneself”
– Swami Dayananda –

Sanskrit Pronunciation & Transliteration

Sanskrit is sacred sound and sacred meaning.  

The language of Sanskrit is the linguistic key to the whole vedic tradition – from yoga and ayurveda, to vedic astrology and devotional scripture. The sounds of sanskrit purify the subtle body, aligning one with cosmic order, and the divinity within. Sanskrit has an imperative for proper pronunciation, as the deeper meaning of each word is in-built in the sounds, and changing the sounds can change the meaning. The study of sanskrit pronunciation is essential for yoga teachers and indispensable for yogic seekers sooner or later. 

Mantra practice and the SRY helps me to embrace that being-ness and finally feeling rooted in myself. Now I finally understand and deeply feel what it means that happiness is an inside job.
- Katalin
I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the class! I've learned a decent amount of Sanskrit, but having your class as a foundation will help me learn more assuredly and make sure my pronunciation is honoring and respectful. - Kay
Thank you, Kaya! I've had previous lessons, but this was the BEST class I've taken on Sanskrit pronunciation. The detailed explanation of how each sound is made combined with the examples deepened my understanding tenfold. -Kim
The Sanskrit and Transliteration class of the best and clearest Sanskrit sessions I have attended and I have been to a lot!   - Shanna
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Sanskrit Pronunciation & Transliteration

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Learn how to read transliteration {Sanskrit represented in English}, understand how to pronounce Sanskrit words more successfully and gain understanding for the divine language that brings together sacred sounds and meaning.

  • The Profound Value & Potential of Sanskrit
  • Commonly mis-pronounced Sanskrit Words
  • How to Read Sanskrit when it is transliterated into English
  • How to pronounce all of the 50 Sanskrit sounds


Sanskrit Invocation & Mantra

Mantra attunes the mind to the sacred.

From individually prescribed personal mantras to mantras for specific conditions and mantras for devotional reverence the application of the system of Sanskrit invocation is deep and vast. The most celebrated mantras have been chanted for thousands of years, and are deeply resonant to the human psyche, subtle body and physiology. The invocations taught in these classes are open to all who wish to chant them! You’ll learn the beautiful value and purpose and how to chant properly.

Recommended Companion: Sanskrit Pronunciation & Transliteration

for Knowledge

February 10, 2022, 2pm-4pm PST

Online Class
Taught Live & Recorded

Learn the key meaning and pronunciation of several Sanskrit invocations that are used in a traditional learning setting. These are mantras that Kaya includes in her philosophy programs

  • What is Om
  • What is a Shanti Mantra
  • Invoking Saraswati
  • Invocation for Sacred Study
  • Invocation for Wholeness {Purna}


Recommended Companion: Sanskrit Pronunciation & Transliteration

for Daily Life

February 17, 2pm-4pm Pacific Time

Online Class
Taught Live & Recorded

Learn the key meaning and pronunciation of traditional Sanskrit mantras that can be used in daily life to invoke connection to the divine, and appreciation of those unseeable factors and principles of nature in our lives.

  • What is the Vedic Vision of God
  • Mantra to remove obstacles
  • Mantra for waking
  • Prayer before eating
  • Universal Peace mantra
January 23, 2022, 2pm-4pm Pacific
Taught Live & Recorded


Listen to an interview on Mantra!

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What about Namaste?

Access a rich teaching from Kaya about the true meaning and use of Namaste, whether or not to use it in a yoga class, the mantra Kaya uses to end yoga classes and the deeper meaning it holds about individual, collective and divine karma!