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About Nectar of Nidrā

Gain wisdom in the most advanced but accessible yogic experience – Yoga Nidrā.

Kaya unpacks the meaning, purpose and value of Yogic sleep with both philosophical context and practical tools. Woven together in this program are Ayurveda and modern science,  Tantra, Yogic, Vedānta, Vedic Psychology and Puranic Story.

A full spectrum of teachings from the physiology of the spine to the subtlety of samskāra prepare you to confidently lead Shavasana, whether 10 minutes at the end of a yoga class or a long format offering designed to take students deeper.


The next live session begins March 19, 2020 and includes six live classes + additional weekly course material and plenty of Q&A time. 

Runs for six consecutive Thursdays: March 19 -April 23 2020. All classes will be at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, USA*** 

***Can’t join live due to schedule or time zone?*** 

Attend lessons  at your convenience! Each live lesson is recorded &  posted on the private course site, for you to watch or review on your own. Plus  send in your questions for the Q&A periods inside the course!

20 CEU hours

Online Program

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March 19 - April 23, 2020
{Attend LIVE or via the Recorded Lessons}

Topics of Nectar of Nidra

Āyurvedic and Allopathic understanding of the value of sleep {and the risks of sleep deprivation}. Learn Ayurvedic tools to assess and heal sleep issues. 

Vedantic investigation into the waking, dreaming and sleeping states, using the Mandukya Upanishad. 

Yoga Nidrā’s place in Yoga’s fundamental purpose using traditional texts including Patanjali Yoga Sutras. 

Purānic story and Tantric teachings to understand sleep states and Shavasana as a nectar of rejuvenation. 

Vāstu {Vedic architecture} perspective on the architecture of reclined poses for sleep and yogic sleep.

Koshas, Vāsana, Samskāra and the power of Yoga Nidrā to clearn problematic patterns of the body-mind. 


Yoga Nidṛa’s potential to resolve trauma and promote healing at every level of being. 

A look at the spine and accessible alternatives to the standard Shavāsana position to promote depth of experience. 


Video lessons


additional weekly course material


plenty of Q&A time


+ Hours of continuing education

Lessons Week by Week


Āyurveda: Sleep and Wellbeing
Two-thirds of adults do not get enough sleep. Here we explore the anatomy and physiology of sleep and dreams, the Āyurvedic perspective on sleep, and Āyurvedic sleep rituals and remedies. Understand and improve sleep patterns for your students, clients and yourself.


Veda: Om and the Deep Sleep State
Explore the symbolic meaning of Oṃ, what one revered text says about the deep sleep state and how understanding the states of consciousness is a nectar that can awaken you to true Self knowledge. Study an ancient Upanishad’s perspective on the mind, awakening and the deep sleep state.


Yoga: Śavāsana and Yoga Nidrā
Learn about the physiological effects and profound benefits of Śavāsana and the Yoga Nidrā state, including pain relief, changes in heart rates and psychology. Dive into a study of Soma vs. Agni forms of yoga to understand the context of the slow, soft, inward oriented practices of yoga. Learn about the traditional roots of the yoga nidrā practice including Purānic tales and Yoga texts. Connect yourself and your students to the true capacity and depths of Śavāsana as a true yoga process that helps everything from injury and trauma to the fundamental human condition.


How to Write a Yoga Nidrā Script
Learn simple techniques and tips to write your own Yoga Nidrā scripts and how to create an effective and meaningful sankalpa or contemplation. Learn to cultivate an effective contemplation or sankalpa, based in the true essence of yogic teachings. Learn how to work effectively to help your students resolve physical and psychological pain that trace all the way to the subconscious and unconscious. Get a dive into the process of vrrti, vāsana, and samskāra to inform your understanding of the power and potential of yoga nidrā.


Refining Your Scripts
Kaya workshops several draft scripts live for the group to draw the most effective principles. Witnessing this process unfold naturally you’ll learn how to refine your own script.


Modifications for Yoga Nidrā Practice
Get Śavāsana options for pregnancy, elders, people experiencing pain and learn to guide Yoga Nidrā experiences of different lengths. Learn how to design and prepare for longer yoga nidrā offerings, how to combine yoga nidrā with āsana for success & how to attract students for your yoga nidrā offerings.

What Past Students Say

Rich, Classical & Feminine

"In this program - there was a sense of richness and femininity to it I also liked that it was classical and hadn’t been westernized, homogenized and trademarked. I’ve taken two Yoga Nidra programs, and Kaya’s was the best."

Yoga Therapist & Teacher Trainer
Confident to develop scripts

"A big thank you for this whole offering! I loved this process and the connection to the Yoga Nidrā practice and with other teachers again so much. It’s been amazing to feel confident and free enough to develop my own scripts."

Yoga Teacher
Resonating Deeply

"I absolutely adore these teachings and your approach Kaya. They resonate deeply with me and stay with me. I love to revisit my notes and the recordings. I love that you keep in touch with students and that your teachings are relevant and timely. And it makes me think. I really appreciate the bonus classes that you invite us into, your writings and recommendations. You have been a steady, unflickering flame of light in these often overcast and blustery days of late. Thank you."

Yoga Teacher
Gained confidence and ease

"I gained practice and confidence in the scripting and delivery of Yoga Nidra. I am now able to end each class with a Yoga Nidra with ease. Kaya’s teachings are always deep, thorough and well thought out. She is an expert at delivering and she is a joy to study with."

Yoga Therapist
Strength as a Teacher

"I have a strong preference for real teachers and real fellow-students. I love Kaya in-person, but it is remarkable that her strengths as a teacher come through in the online setting when so many do not."

Yoga Teacher
More Value than My 200 Hour

"Thank you for creating this program and offering so much to your students. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to study with you. This course truly opened my eyes to so much in the yoga world that was never truly explained to me. I have honestly found more value in this one program than most of what I learned in my 200 hour training. I can't convey the value I get from being able to do this at my own pace. Much love and respect for you Kaya, thank you!"

Yoga Teacher
Theory + Direct Experience

"Oh my goodness! Kaya... this is amazing! Seriously, I’m so grateful for the time you put into all this. Wow! This was such a lovely course. I love how much theory I learnt from you, and the focus you put on actually experiencing what we are learning. I know I keep saying it but I’m really grateful, thank you!"

Yoga Therapist
Complex Teachings Made Clear

"Thank you Kaya for such a wonderful and inspiring journey through Yoga Nidra! I found that each of your classes gave me so much to contemplate and that you explained such complicated material in a very clear way. I appreciate that you provided so much experience, foundation and theory before we looked at technique. I could also tell how much care you put into your presentations and found the images you used so helpful as well as powerful. I can't wait to keep developing my understanding and experience of Yoga Nidra!"

Deeper & Eye Opening

"This has been such an eye opening training for me! I was almost ready to completely break up with yoga - or at least yogaland - and I see now, rather than running away, I needed to actually dive in deeper and understand the history, wisdom, and traditions of yoga at a deeper level. And something beyond reading! I am excited to do more with you. Daily Yoga Nidra time has certainly helped me as there so much is changing and shifting around me. I feel steady. Thank you!"

Yoga Teacher
Freedom and Limitlessness

"Thank you so much for this excellent yoga nidra training. I feel like this is where I belong. It is bringing my clients to a place of freedom and limitlessness. I personally listen to your Nidra recordings every day."

Yoga Therapist
Game Changer

"I’ve now been able to create yoga nidra scripts with a truly deep understanding of yoga Nidra that can help others. With the practice & more therapeutic approach to Shavasana, students have told me they have never felt such relaxation in that pose before, that it’s a game changer for them. Kaya is truly so knowledgeable and passionate about sharing and passing on her knowledge to others. Personally, I’ve gained a greater understanding of the importance for sleep and yoga nidra myself and have already felt the improvements of using the Yoga nidra recordings in my mood, rejuvenation and decision-making. I’m excited to continue to use what I learned to help more people."

Yoga Teacher
Rich in Content

"The course was so rich in content and I love that I can go back and do the classes over and over again! I, like so many others have experienced trauma in my life and the healing power of Yoga Nidra to resolve these patterns is significant!"

Yoga Teacher
Transforming my Whole Practice

"I learned so much about the value of sleep, and how it was affecting issues in my life, body, and mind. I gained new insight into the whole purpose of yoga, and it is changing my personal practice towards a more soothing and rejuvenating practice. It's the first time the whole concept of Shavasana has been thoroughly explained to me, and has truly changed my relationship with the practice. I’ve learned a whole new skill set to offer my students that will help them heal, and a fresh perspective when asked about the benefits and true purpose of yoga."

Yoga Teacher
    Online Program

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    Begins Thursday, March 19, 2020 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, USA Runs six consecutive Thursdays, through April 23.


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