De-Mystifying Karma

Understanding Fate & Free Will

Online Program

“The ways of karma are vast and mysterious” ~ Bhagavad Gītā

About the Karma Course

In this program, Kaya unfolds the mysterious and complex doctrine of karma – oft misunderstood both in the east and west, in a fun, deep and accessible way. 
Gain wisdom to last a lifetime regarding the wisdom of luck, reincarnation, fate & free will.. Kaya unveils these teachings by weaving story, metaphors, modern examples and vedic scripture. 
You’ll discover your own personal insights about your life, allowing for layers of recognition, relief, inspiration and motivation. This knowledge truly matures us to engage fully in those actions that we are designed for, and to let go of the things over which we have no control. 
I watched Part 1 {and rewatched a few bits to let it sink in}. It was fascinating to delve so deeply into a topic that was just touched on in yoga trainings. I've been percolating on it for days and it's already changing how I view parts of my day and my yoga and spiritual practice.
Yoga Teacher
Thank you so much for the karma class. It had an effect on me on a level that I wasn't anticipating. I woke up the next morning with a sense of having been recallibrated by it. It is hard to put into words. Thank you for that, and for your generosity in your teaching.
Writer, Yoga Educator

Independent Study - Attend Anytime!

Live & Recorded
Live lessons April 21 and May 5
4pm Pacific Time
  • Two 90 minute lessons {details below}
  • Live Q&A sessions following each class {ask live or email your Qs}
  • Bonus Experiential Yoga Practice centered on healing ancestral wounds & gathering virtue

6 CEU Hours

Gain meaningful insight to help consider how to look at both individual and world-wide problems and the path of spiritual growth. Understanding karma can unhook us from intense anxiety, longing, regret or anger about our circumstances and our efforts. The teachings on Karma can offer great solace in a complex life and offer a key to lifelong wisdom and a sense of freedom.

Online Program

De-Mystifying Karma

Taught Live {and recorded}

Topics of the Karma Course


Live Video Lessons with Kaya


Lots of Live Q&A Time


Bonus yoga practice for ancestral healing

  • Destiny, choice & Free Will
  • Can we make effort to “change” our karma?
  • Where do the teachings of karma come from?
  • Is karma just cause and effect or more?
  • Do yogic practices influence our karma?
  • What is reincarnation – who “travels” from body to body?
  • What is “luck”?
  • What do key scriptures such as Patanjali Yoga Sūtras and the Mahābharata say about Karma?
Note from kaya

The intricate, complex and beautiful doctrine of karma is truly life changing, and peace invoking. Of all the magical, mysterious, powerful and transformational aspects of the yoga tradition, this is among the most profound. 


For students of yoga or yogic philosophy, teachers, advisors, counselors, healers and health practitioners, parents, and people at every stage of life the understanding of karma can help us sharpen our free will in the areas where we can make a difference, and release effort in the areas where the remedy is ease and letting go of unnecessary strain. 

Highly Recommended for:

  • Students of the Bhagavad Gitā
  • Yoga Therapists
  • Ayurvedic Practitioners
  • Students of Vedic Astrology
Online Program

De-Mystifying Karma

Taught Live {and Recorded}


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Taught LIVE via video conferencing. Each lesson is also RECORDED. You can attend live or watch the recordings on your own schedule {or both}. Attending live is ideal, I love when people can attend live, but I know due to time zones, travel, work schedules it’s not always possible. If you plan to watch the recordings, set aside a dedicated time. 

It is okay if you have to arrive late or leave early from the live classes.

Recordings arrive in the online course pages within 24 hours. 

Joining live is simple. All classes are held on Zoom. You join with one click from a mobile device or a computer. You’ll need an internet connection to join live or watch/listen later.

You’ll receive email reminders to join the zoom classroom and a notification when the recording is ready. You can also click to join from right inside the program site.

All recordings will be found for participants when you login at 

In keeping with the Vedic tradition style of teaching, there is little to no required preparation or reading. I follow my teachers’ approach in unfolding the teachings in real time in relationship with students. As the course unfolds we add enriching articles, yoga practices, videos to support your learning. I suggest you experience coming to the lessons with an empty cup!

Within 24 hours you’ll receive a link to the recording via email. You’ll access everything by logging in at with your email  & password. 

Each lesson is about 90 minutes of lecture followed by Q&A.

If you’re trying to minimize screen time, just listen as an audio course. The video is there to make it a little more engaging for people who are more visual.

Yes! The nature of the class is a 90-minute lecture followed by time for Q&A. There is also a way to type Qs into the Course Pages after each lesson, and then I will respond to them on the page, or in subsequent live classes.