Yā Devī
Navarātri Program

Initiation into Feminine Divine Practice


“Though the divine is all-pervasive and is everything, the glory of the divine is visible wherever there is a ray of glory” – Swami Dayananda –

Nectar of Navarātri

Yā Devi Mantra for Lakṣmi Mā​

The Vedic & Tantra tradition offer countless means to discover the divinity within, including relating to supreme divine forms through teachings, stories and devotional practices. 

stories, teachings & Mantra Recitation

This deep offering is meant to guide you to a profound place in your spiritual journey. It is a perfect companion to your study of Tantra, Yoga or the Bhagavad Gitā, bringing you deep into your own heart, where the feminine divine rests within us all. The Navarātri time is a perfect time to soften and be “cracked open” in the best of ways, opening yourself to new healing, transformation and inner illumination of your own divine purpose, gifts, and journey. 

If you've already attended this 3 part initiation into Yā Devī mantra with Kaya, you've been invited to join 2022 Devotion to Durgā program


3-Part Online Offering
Part 1: Durgā Devī
Part 2: Lakṣmi Devī
Part 3: Sarasvati Devī

In each 90 minute class, Kaya lovingly guides you relationship with the feminine divine through stories, metaphor, teachings and mantra. She uses textural references from the Vedic & Tantra tradition and teachings from the oral tradition inherited from her teachers.  

Students of this program will expand and deepen their knowledge, and, if they choose be able to launch their spiritual year with an authentic daily devotional practice. 

The devi mantra is one of the few things I’ve been consistent with in a long time. It’s grounding. It’s beautiful. It’s a practice
- Tamsie
I think it’s become a life practice for me. Just love chanting it every morning! And I find myself chanting particular verses in the day when things come up. It’s magical.
- Katie

Nectar of Navarātri

Relationship with the feminine divine has been one of the most beloved, surprising and deepening aspects of my practice and life.

Navarātri is a sacred and important time to deepen one’s practice, make extra time for practice, or launch a new practice for the year. 

If you’ve been wanting to bring devotion, mantra, bhakti, and deeper practice and connection to the divine into your life, this is the time to begin. 

If you feel called to devote time to cultivate your personal relationship with the feminine divine, I would be honored to share this beautiful heart opening time with you. 

Nectar of Navarātri

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Nectar of The Gita

Online Training Begins November 2022
Join from Anywhere, Live or by Recordings!

This is Kaya’s most comprehensive online philosophy program for yoga students & teachers. Gain meaningful transformation through the illuminative teachings for yogis living in the world with real responsibilities and pressures. 

The Bhagavad Gītā is essential for modern yogic seekers because it delivers the most complete and supreme teachings right in the center of the complicated, conflict-ridden wordly life of a householder. This is the text for seekers  who wish to transmute all of life’s ups and downs into fodder for spiritual insight and growth. In the Nectar of Gītā Kaya expertly delivers the teachings of the Gita to students in three six-week parts meant to transform every aspect of  your life. 

The program includes Kaya’s retelling of the Mahābharata which provides the context for the teachings and then delves fully into the entire śāstra {scripture} including the purpose of yoga, the human condition and human potential, the keys to making every action a yogic action, the nature of the divine and the devotional relationship, vedic psychology and more.