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“Prayer is the highest form of communication with the divine. Prayer helps nurture ones special relationship with the Divine. Prayer has its purpose in helping one achieve an object of desire, and helps one gain the maturity to be a qualified recipient of spiritual knowledge, which helps us discover the freedom and happiness that is the nature of oneself” – Swami Dayananda

Sanskrit & Mantra Offerings

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 Sanskrit’s beauty, precision and multidimensional effect is renowned.  
Sanskrit is the linguistic key to the vedic yoga tradition.It is a language of inner freedom, or mokṣa. 
Mantras are used for practical purposes, sacred devotion and spiritual growth. From individually prescribed personal mantras, to mantras for specific conditions, and mantras for devotional reverence the application is deep and vast. The most celebrated mantras have been chanted for thousands of years, and are deeply resonant to the human psyche, subtle body and physiology. These recitations and invocations can be profoundly impactful in our lives, removing obstacles and gathering virtue. 
Choose one or attend all of Kaya’s Sanskrit & Mantra classes, depending on your interest. These are accessible & deep for both newcomers to the tradition & longtime practitionersThese enrichment classes are for dedicated yoga students and teachers, and are not trainings for you to learn to teach others, but for you to deepen your own practice. 

Sanskrit Pronunciation & Transliteration

Learn how to pronounce Sanskrit – and never mispronounce a word again! Sanskrit is a meaningful, rich, transformational language that brings together sacred sound & sacred meaning. It’s effect rests on sound, which requires apt pronunciation. A mispronunciation can give opposite meaning and even problematic subtle effect. In this class Kaya will share 

  • The profound value & potential of Sanskrit
  • Commonly mis-prounounced Sanskrit words
  • How to read Sanskrit when it is transliterated into English
  • How to pronounce all of the 50 Sanskrit sounds. 
Sanskrit Pronunciation
2 Hour Video Course - $38
Online Class
Available Anytime

for Daily Life

Mantra can transmute a mundane moment into a ritual of appreciation & offering. In this class Kaya shares meaning & pronunciation of several Sanskrit invocations for your daily life. Kaya talks about the concept of the divine, the value of prayer You’ll learn the inspiring meaning and purpose of each and how to chant properly. You can return to the recording again and again to practice!  

  • What is the vedic vision of God
  • Mantra for Waking 
  • Prayer before Eating
  • Mantra for Universal Peace
  • More!
Mantras for Daily Life
2 Hour Video Course - $22

A clip on "Om" ~

"The practice is making more more anchored and grounded and the mantra stays with me all day. I look forward to getting out of bed to do my practice. I am finally embracing my beingness and feeling rooted in myself. I am grateful for this mantra practice."
School Teacher

Interview with Kaya on Mantra

Online Class Available Anytime

Mantras for Wisdom

Special invocations can be done when we when we wish to have success in a particular endeavor – including the pursuit of wisdom. In this class Kaya shares the meaning & pronunciation of Sanskrit invocations  done at the beginning and end of Vedānta philosophy classes. Kaya introduces the subject of mantra, the value of Sanskrit and even shares the meaning of Ganehsa. You’ll learn the meaning and purpose of each and how to chant properly. You can return to the recording again and again to practice!  

  • What is Om
  • The Three Sources of Karma 
  • Invocation to Begin Sacred Study
  • Invocation for Wholeness; Purna
  • Invocation in appreciation of Teachers
  • Song in Praise of the Gita
Mantras for Wisdom
2 Hour Video Course - $22