Nectar of Nidrā

Training In the Secrets of Mystical Sleep
7 Week online Training
For Wellness Practitioners, Yoga teachers & Therapists
*Taught by Kaya since 2013*

Nectar of Nidrā: Secrets of Mystical Sleep

"Nidrā is lord of all, omniscient, the source of all, the origin and end of all beings. And therefor, the nidrā state is praised” ~ Mandukyo Upaṇishad

Full Spectrum Vedic Training

CEU 30 hours
  • Direct experience
  • Vedic storytelling & imagery
  • Modern neuroscience 
  • Āyurveda & Vāstu principles
  • Classical teaching of Maṇḍukyopaniṣad
  • Yoga therapy Training in Shavasanaa
  • Understanding the Spine 
  • Vedic psychology & Saṃskāra 
  • Understanding true sankalpa
  • Learn to write your own scripts
  • Time for your questions
  • New Optional Add On: private coaching 

What Nectar of Nidrā Students Say

I just wanted to thank you for these teachings, especially on the sankalpa teachings and experiential work. I’ve studied with many eminent yoga teachers and learned these things from them in a very intellectual way. But now I but have found such a different 'knowness’ from your ability to transform scriptures and teaching into the lived experience. I found the examples in section two of you taking people through the sankalpa process so helpful. I thought I had it pegged, but realized the understanding hadn’t quite totally surfaced once I listened the process. This is really how it is done.
Diane, Yoga Teacher
I’ve now been able to create yoga nidra scripts with a truly deep understanding of yoga Nidra that can help others. With the practice & more therapeutic approach to Shavasana, students have told me they have never felt such relaxation in that pose before, that it’s a game changer for them. Kaya is truly so knowledgeable and passionate about sharing and passing on her knowledge to others. Personally, I’ve gained a greater understanding of the importance for sleep and yoga nidra myself and have already felt the improvements of using the Yoga nidra recordings in my mood, rejuvenation and decision-making. I’m excited to continue to use what I learned to help more people.
Katelyn, Yoga Teacher
I learned so much about the value of sleep, and how it was affecting issues in my life, body, and mind. I gained new insight into the whole purpose of yoga, and it is changing my personal practice towards more soothing and rejuvenating. It's the first time the whole concept of Shavasana has been thoroughly explained to me, and has truly changed my relationship with the practice. I’ve learned a whole new skill set to offer my students that will help them heal, and a fresh perspective when asked about the benefits and true purpose of yoga.
Sage, Yoga Teacher
In this program - there was a sense of richness and femininity to it I also liked that it was classical and hadn’t been westernized, homogenized and trademarked. I’ve taken two Yoga Nidra programs, and Kaya’s was the best.
Nyk, Yoga Therapist, Podcaster, Teacher Mentor
Thank you Kaya for such a wonderful and inspiring journey through Yoga Nidra! I found that each of your classes gave me so much to contemplate and that you explained such complicated material in a very clear way. I appreciate that you provided so much experience, foundation and theory before we looked at technique. I could also tell how much care you put into your presentations and found the images you used so helpful as well as powerful. I can't wait to keep developing my understanding and experience of Yoga Nidra!
Anna-Claire, Yoga Practitioner
Thank you for creating this program and offering so much to your students. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to study with you. This course truly opened my eyes to so much in the yoga world that was never truly explained to me. I have honestly found more value in this one program than most of what I learned in my 200 hour training. I can't convey the value I get from being able to do this at my own pace. Much love and respect for you Kaya, thank you!
Tina, Yoga Teacher
Such an eye opening training! I was almost ready to completely break up with yoga - or at least yogaland - and I see now, rather than running away, I needed to actually dive in and understand the history, wisdom, and traditions of yoga at a deeper level. And something beyond reading! I am excited to do more with you. Thank you!
Kerry, Yoga Teacher
The course was so rich in content and I love that I can go back and do the classes over and over again! I, like so many others have experienced trauma in my life and the healing power of Yoga Nidra to resolve these patterns is significant!
Barbara, Yoga Therapist
online program

Nectar of Nidrā


A Note from Kaya

Mystical sleep is simultaneously accessible & advanced.  This sleep of yoga can simply and effectively address the most complex of concerns in a loving, gentle way that opens whatever doorway the student is ready for. There is no forcing, no manipulating…. in the techniques we use here there is simply opening the doorway for the student. 

Sharing yoga nidrā with others itself is a path of practice in deep service to healing, transformation and the yogic journey. 

From relaxation to release of karmic patterns to inner awakening a guided awareness session gently opens multiple doorways to the profound landscape of the conscious divine sleep.

Love, Kaya


Yes. Kaya just recorded Nectar of Nidra in January – February 2024. So, the program is self-paced. Dont worry. It feels LIVE. It’s very engaging. And you can still send Qs in for Kaya to respond to.

Once you join, you’ll have opportunity for live interaction inside our online forum just for Nidra students. 

This is a training in how to guide others which results in a “certification”. . You’ll have 30 hours of training and be really well equipped. Not just with the purpose, philosophy and technique but also fitting it in with other offerings and even a bit on marketing, so people can benefit from your offering. Nectar of Nidrā is a required component of yoga certifications with Kaya but can be attended as a stand-alone module training. 


  • Seven 90 minute lessons {curriculum below}
  • Experiential audio guided Yoga Nidra practices for your personal practice & development
  • Bonus content includes extra videos and articles + a supreme release yoga practice for your spine- the inner bed of Yoga Nidrā

Yoga + Nidrā

Week 1

Teachings & Practicum on The Spine & SHAVASNA

We set the foundation with teachings of yoga’s true purpose & key principles from scripture & oral transmission. Explore the physical, subtle, mystical imagery of the bed of nidrā – the spine. Experience a practicum in 3 therapeutic approaches to Śavāsana.

Week 2

Neueroscience and Āyurveda on The Nectar of Night Sleep

Merge wisdom of modern neuroscience and classical āyurveda on nighttime sleep. Learn sleep assessment & remedies for yourself and others. Healing nighttime sleep will open the doorway to yoga nidrā’s true purpose for you & those you serve.

States of Consciousness & Yoga Nidrā

Week 3

Classical Study of the Mandukya Upanishad

This week brings in the experience of classical study of the Mandukya Upanishad. Kaya teaches the full text which explores the symbolic meaning of Om and the  waking, dreaming and sleeping states that comprise the human experience and will guide your understanding of Yoga Nidrā. 

Week 4

Healing & Mystical Yoga Nidrā and true Sankalpa

Yoga Nidrā’s traditional and mystical definition, potential and purpose. Explore true sankalpa [what it is and what it isn’t] including a look at vedic psychology rooted in yoga’s doectrine of karma. Gain a vision of a gentle divine mothering approach to this timeless practice.

Creative Practicum

Week 5

How to Structure & Write your Script

Gain clear instructions in how to structure + write your own Yoga Nidra scripts. Learn how to to work practically with a meaningful and effective sankalpa, and to establish healing themes and guiding principles in practice.

Week 6

Workshopping Select Scripts and sankalpa

Learn how to refine your scriptwriting for effectiveness as Kaya “workshops” several scripts in real time for the group. Learn refine your sankalpa & contemplative themes. 

Week 7

teaching in context: Sharing Yoga Nidrā In the field

Learn to design and guide effective guided Yoga Nidrā for different contexts. Explore requirements long and short offerings and how to combine Yoga Nidrā with Āsana purposefully & elegantly. Describe your offering to others with compelling and meaningful language.

Optional Add-On

Personalized Script Evaluation & Mentoring

Kaya’s Teaching Assistant Vytaute will be available to give you personalized feedback on your script! You can reach out to us if you would like to add this option on to your program for just $40 and have confidence and a stamp of approval with direct eyes on your creaition. 


online program

Nectar of Nidrā



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Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!