Subtle Realms Within

Kuṇḍalinī Śakti, Soma, & Cakras oh my!

Within this body is a sacred mountain

Subtle Realms Within

Kundalini, Soma, & Cakras Oh my!

In this essential lecture on the classical fundamentals of the subtle spine, Kaya de-mystifies the mystery and power described in the tantrika and yoga tradition that is accessible to each of us. Your subtle body contains your thoughts, emotions, karma, ancestral patterns, conditioning, and your potential for profound spiritual growth.

The pattern of a dwelling place has a profound impact on the in-dweller. This applies to your home and the rooms within it, the shape and patterns of our art and objects of worship, and the shapes and patterns we apply to the body in the form of posture and āsana. Every pattern and form is influencing and conditioning us, and our conditions attract us to certain forms as well. Vāstu is the key to a deeper understanding and application of this aspect of cosmic order.

This lecture, paired with the 8 practices on the Subtle Sacred Spine in the SRY Studio offers a holistic, deep, authentic journey through your own subtle body. It is backed by the oral and scriptural tradition, and experienced directly by you. You’ll be utterly transformed by the combination of knowledge & experience.

This lecture is available to rent at a discount during the Summer of 2021. Members of the SRY Studio access this lecture for just $30.

We will investigate:

  • Common popular confusions about the subtle body
  • What the cakras are {and what they are not}
  • Scriptural Context and Reference
  • Vedic Psychology and the Cakras
  • Understanding the spiritual journey more deeply & directly
  • What is prāṇa
  • What is Kuṇḍalinī Śakti and how it relates to Soma Nectar
  • What is “real”?
  • What do key scriptures say about the subtle body?
  • The colors {guess what, it’s not a rainbow!}, seed sounds, and emotions related to the cakras

Understanding your subtle body is part of the key to your own healing and path of growth, it is also part of honoring the yoga tradition through deeper knowledge and understanding.

Highly Recommended for:

  • Students of SRY or Kundalini Yoga
  • Yoga Therapists
  • Ayurvedic Practitioners
  • Students and Teachers of Yoga overall

This program is for you if you want to inform your life & yoga practice {or teaching} with authentic vedic wisdom that transforms & awakens.

ONLINE Program

Subtle Realms Within


Words from Students

“Prior to finding Kaya, I didn’t have a means of studying in-depth because no one possessed the breadth and depth of knowledge she has. I appreciate how I can dig a well with her. Her use of analogy to explain complex concepts is mind-blowing. The impact of her teachings and practices runs deep and has transformed daily tasks into spiritual practice. I now have a growing reverence, that everything I do is a sacred offering. I come back again and again to the well that is Kaya and what she shares.” 


“Kaya is a teacher to her core. She’s compassionate, humorous, organized, deep, effective, powerful, insightful and authentic.  Kaya is steeped in the knowledge that she shares and embodies an artistry of teaching that is a divine gift.  I walk away from every program inspired and empowered to use what I’ve learned. I see tremendous benefit as I apply her teachings in my personal and professional life.  I am deeply grateful to have such a master teacher in my life!” 


Program Details:
Subtle Realms Within

Online Program

May 4-5, 2022
2pm-4pm PST each day, taught live & recorded

Explore the Vedic viewpoint of spatial arrangement, architecture & asana as expressions of sacred and meaningful forms. This program will introduce the newcomer to vāstu to the beautiful purpose and principles of this system, grounded in the oral tradition and real-world examples. Then we will launch into a study of āsana as an expression of bodily-vāstu, wherein the body is the dwelling and the being within the indweller.  

This program is for anyone who wants to make every aspect of life yogic, or for yoga teachers who want deeper meaning behind how they plan and teach when sharing yoga with others. 


Lesson 1: Intro to Vāstu

How does form align with dharma or not? Can the dwellings we inhabit bring us either sukha {sweetness} or dukha {suffering}? We will explore the system of vāstu as a sacred subject. We’ll look at the influence of:

  • Vāstu’s purpose & potential
  • “Good Vāstu” and “Bad Vāstu”
  • Vāstu and the aims of life
  • The dwelling & the indweller
  • Purpose & Form

We’ll explore the general concept of vāstu, how it fits in the vedic tradition overall, and how it relates to the teachings of dharma {natural order}. Plus the answer to the question: “Why are Californian’s so weird?”

Lesson 2: Vāstu in Life

Vāstu in Life: Examples of Vāstu in the real world. We’ll use lots of real-world examples to explore the influence of vastu in both two & three dimension. 

  • shape, angle & directionality
  • the 5 elements
  • symmetry & variety
  • stillness & mobility
  • homes
  • places of worship
  • shape of country or land mass

You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the influence of pattern and form in every aspect of life. Plus, get the answer to the timeless question: “where do I place the bed?”


Lesson 3: Architecture of Āsana

Āsana offers the body a variety of forms, and vāstu gives the key to understanding their purpose! Exp.ore the value of a supine, standing, seated, twisting, backbending āsana from the vāstu view! Make yoga practice more therapeutic, impactful, and attuned through understanding: 

  • The body as a dwelling
  • Categories of āsana and their purpose
  • Āsana, Vāstu, the 5 elements and Āyurveda
  • How different categories of āsana should be emphasized 

Finally gain an authentic frame to inform your practice {or your teaching} and your understanding of the potential of āsana. Plus, answer the common question: “Where should the yoga teacher sit?”

ONLINE Program

Subtle Realms Within



Each aspect of the vedic tradition is intertwined. From āsana, mantra sādhana and āyurveda, to astrology and vāstu, to what modern practitioners call “yoga philosophy”, and more. These are not separate subjects, but rather profoundly interconnected aspects of a holistic view of all of life – they are limbs of one body. These aspects of the vedic tradition, called vidyās, point to alignment with the divine through attunement to the cosmic order of the universe that is every thread, structure and substance. As long as we are in a body, participating in this thing called life, we have an invitation to participate with every aspect of life fully and in a way that makes us available to wellbeing, insight, and illumination in every moment. I would love you to join me for this program. 



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