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"We cannot reduce ancient vidyā to a series of factoids absent of a teacher or lineage. This tradition requires a person. Knowledge must travel in the presence of a teacher" ~ Hart deFouw

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Over the years, I’ve been quietly, privately certifying teachers at varied levels, with blessing. 

But more importantly, I’ve been teaching seekers. Seekers [be they teachers or not] come with heart open, not to “gain” anything – but to discover the truth of your Self. 

Certification does not always reflect wisdom, and wisdom does not require certification. Still, you dedicate your resources to what you value, and it can be gratifying and meaningful to have something to “hold” that reflects your deep commitment. 

For those who wish [or need] to have a certification – teachers and seekers alike – it’s better to have one with a teacher, system, and lineage you can trust and rely on rather to default to “what’s out there” to fulfill a requirement. 

So I’m honored to support & acknowledge your dedication by making these certifications available for you, the yogic seeker. 


"Who is qualified to receive knowledge? One with pure [sattvic] intelligence. One who has made commitments to make the mind sattvic. This brings the blessing to see things as they really are." ~ Śri Krishan Mantri

Yogic teachings are a life-long endeavor. But it can be supportive to your journey to feel you have fulfilled a level of dedication & commitment to your pursuit of wisdom. For this, you can now earn philosophy, practice and pedagogy certification levels through Kaya’s Sarva Rasa Institute. 

Choose the Level That works for you

Whether you are just starting out, have completed some components or are ready to receive your certification, Kaya and her team will work with you to get all the little ducks in a row! You choose your own learning pace and timeline. 

Please contact us to get started by emailing or fill in the form below. 

Philosophy Focus

Nectar of Yoga: Initiation

65 Hour Certification in Philosophy

Nectar of Yoga Śāstra is an authentic immersion into the two primary yogic scriptures [yoga-śāstra] of the vedic tradition: The Bhagavad Gitā and Pataṇjali Yoga Sūtras. In addition, this program includes the teachings of the Doctrine of Karma, which are referenced heavily but not taught explicitly in the Gitā and the Yoga Sūtras. This certification also includes direct experiential practices and embodied techniques to support the teachings. The following programs are required in this 75-hour certification for seekers & teachers:

Components of Nectar of Yoga Śāstra
  • Nectar of the Gita – 40 hours [+5 non-contact]
  • Nectar of Patanjali – 15 hours [+2 hours non-contact]
  • De-Mystifying Karma – 5 hours contact
  • Sanskrit Pronunciation & Transliteration – 3 hours contact
[Programs include Vedic Storytelling, Subtle Body Teachings, Experiential practice, Sanskrit Invocation, Mantra Sādhana, Deep Listening, and Q&A] 
65 Hour CEU Yoga Alliance Approved

The 65 hour is a profound program of teachings and personal transformation via authentic yoga as taught by a steward of the tradition. It is highly recommended for both yoga teachers and students. It is NOT a Teacher Training, nor is it a training in how to teach philosophy, as that requires abundantly more time, training, experience and blessing from a Guru or mentor. However, if you are a teacher, this is essential knowledge that will become implicit in you as a practitioner which will have an effect on who you are and thus how you teach. 

Philosophy + Practice

Nectar of Yoga: Integration

125 Hour Certification in Philosophy + Practice

Nectar of Initiation is a true immersion into the teachings & practices of authentic yoga. This program includes the primary yoga śāstra of this tradition, the teachings of the doctrine of karma, and sanskrit pronunciation. Further, we bring in the direct experiential practice of Supreme Release Yoga for a full year of healing, transformation, and initiation into an embodied unfoldment of the teachings held within the scripture. Here your yogic journey truly comes alive!

  • 65 hour Nectar of Initiation w/ Śāstra Components
  • 1 year membership in SRY Studio Online
125 Hour CEU Yoga Alliance Approved

The 125 hour is a deepening program of teachings, mysticism & direct yogic experience. The purpose is your healing, transformation & awakening. This is designed for both teachers & dedicated students of yoga. This is not a teacher training, however, you are a teacher what becomes implicit in you as a result of this program will profoundly deepen your teaching because of WHO you become.

Components of Nectar of Integration

Philosophy + Practice + Pedagogy

Nectar of Yoga: Illumination

300 Hours Certification in Philosophy, Practice + Pedagogy designed for Teachers

This 300-hour* professional & personal growth program is for teachers and those who want to share Beginner Level Supreme Release Yoga Authentically with others. 

Components of Nectar of Illumination
  • 125-hour Nectar of Initiation & Integration components
  • Vāstu: Vedic Design, Architecture & Āsana 
  • SRY Fundamentals Training
  • Healing Hypermobility Training
  • Nectar of Nidrā Training
  • Nectar of Time Membership – One Year
  • Private Mentorship with Kaya
300 Hour CEU | Please Read Note Below

*The 300 Hour is a deepening training for personal growth and professional skill that will move you beautifully toward mastery and wisdom in yoga. It is NOT a training for you to teach teachers. No 300-hour program can effectively and authentically prepare you to teach other teachers [no matter what Yogaland organizations like YA say]. Teaching teachers is a different pedagogy and responsibility than teaching students which requires a minimum of 12 years of experience and explicit preparation and the blessing of the tradition to be a steward. Stewards of yoga have a commitment to the yoga tradition, not to the self-generated standards of organizations like Yoga Alliance. 

Choose the Level That works for you

Whether you are just starting out, have completed some components, or are ready to receive your certification, Kaya and her team will work with you to get all the little ducks in a row! 

Please contact us to get started by emailing or filling in the form below. 


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Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!