Supreme Secrets of the Subtle Body

"The Chakra Course"

Available Self Paced

Discover the secrets the nādis, cakras, guṇas elements and more, as has been passed down and protected through generations. 
Kaya threads storytelling, scripture and oral transmission in this 2 part program paired with experiential practices. From yogaland myth-busting to awakening teachings you & your yoga practice will not be the same after this program.
In Supreme Subtle Body study is sādhana, a spiritual practice that delights and alights you on your personal path of awakening. 

“Through the unfoldment or development (vikāsāt) of the center (madhya), (there is) the abidance in the Bliss (ānanda) of Absolute Consciousness.”

When it comes to cakras & the subtle body confusion abounds.  New age, western occultism,  pop-psych, entertainment and enterprise have woven a compelling, entertaining and popular tapestry of rainbow colors and misguided notions are traded and transacted as “facts”. 
You want authenticated wisdom that has been held in stewardship out of a deep love for your own practice and journey and out of an impulse toward participating in being guided by stewardship. 
If you’re a humble seeker aiming for authentic wisdom, this program is for you. 
 Popular yogaland & new age notions about the cakras are in fact covering up the profound teachings that are intentionally protected, keeping sacred secrets a secret. 
Supreme Subtle Body is an authentic journey of teachings, stories and practice of the awe inspiring veda & tantra tradition..

We will discover layers of teachings that will profoundly illuminate your journey in yoga & in life!
16 Hours Continuing Ed

"In this body is the sacred mount Meru - the vertebral column - surrounded by seven islands. There there are rivers, seas, mountains, fields and lords of the fields too. In this sacred realm are seers and sages, all the stars and planets, sacred pilgrimages, shrines and presiding deities too. The sun and moon, agents of creation and destruction also move within this subtle bodily realm. Space, air, fire, water and eart are there as well."

What's inside the program


  • 4 hours lecture 
  • 4 hours of guided āsana journey through the realms of the cakras 
  • 2 hours curated teachings on Kuṇdalinī Śakti & the Spine 
  • A Daily Esoteric Practice for the Subtle rooted in Vedic Astrology – which Kaya & Michael have not taught since 2017!
  • Live Q&A with Kaya
  • Teachings on the key spinal cakras
  • Teachings on the 3 spinal nadis
  • Teachings on how the condition of mind influences the cakra realms
  • Rooted in Upanishads & other Scripture
  • Clearing common cakra “myths” & clarifying truths as revealed by ancient scripture 
  • Upanishads, Jyotiṣa, Vāstu and more to serve you the nectar of subtle body teachings in ways that transform your life, relationships & yogic practice. 

The [yoga] practitioner becomes aware of the subtle body, and feel the life force in the spinal channel – the suṣumna. This is not the feeling of a normal person. This is the feeling of an extraordinary person.

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About the Teacher

Kaya Mindlin has been teaching Subtle Realms since 2017.

She has been teaching yogic seekers for 23 years with a background of thousands of hours in the full spectrum of the Vedic Tradition – including Āyurveda, Jyotiṣa, Storytelling, Scripture, Mantra, Devotional Practices & Yoga Therapy. 

She is a supporter of authentic stewardship over ownership of knowledge and a lover of this tradition. 

Kaya’s students come to programs with integrity, humility & an attitude that even study itself is a sacred practice. 

Kaya collaborates with other stewards of the tradition to work together to uphold and lovingly share the beloved & timeless teachings of yoga. 

Join the Secrets of the Subtle

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!