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Learn to make every moment of life yoga.

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About The Nectar of Action

Kaya clearly lays out the most essential yogic teachings for householders. Understand the human condition and the human potential in a deeply meaningful way while you learn how to transmute all of life into fodder for your spiritual growth. You'll gain tools to apply the most authentic concepts of awakening into your life in a meaningful and transformative way. These teachings resolve the split between "mundane" and "spiritual" and will truly change your life, work, relationships and viewpoint while providing the spiritual growth you crave.
This program is recommended for all spiritual seekers of all backgrounds.

Yoga Therapists & Teachers receive 12 CEUs

Next Round Begins July 15, 2021

Six weeks, Taught ONLINE – join live or via recording.
Nectar of Action Full Program Tuition: $198

The Nectar of Action relays the most essential teachings of yoga for those of us living in the world with real life responsibilities. How is one to discover truth and happiness offered in the yoga tradition amidst the complexities and challenges of the householder life? The first section of the Bhagavad Gītā  delivers the most supreme yogic teachings not on a serene isolated mountain top, but right in the center of the messy, conflict-ridden life of a householder. 

Curriculum details below. 

Each class includes 90 minutes of lecture and teachings and plenty of extra time for your own questions and processing. Kaya’s goal is to make the teachings deep and personally transformative – not theoretical. 

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6 Weeks, Live Online [and recorded] Live Lessons Thursdays at 10am Pacific
Begins July 15 2021
Nectar of Action 6-Week Program Tuition:$198

Clip from the Nectar of Action

Class 1 of the Nectar of Action a magical, dramatic, curious, inspired story – the Mahābhārata – the epic tale which conveys truths of dharma and karma and the struggles of life that cause us to seek truth. This epic sets the stage for us to be receptive to and prepared for teachings of the Bhagavād Gītā. Here’s a clip!

Like a mother who alleviates the suffering of her child, Bhagavad Gītā offers the remedy for the struggle of life. Prayed to as the divine mother, the Bhagavad Gītā nourishes its listeners with the nectar we crave ~ a clear explanation of the human condition, an inspired, but practical, means to unbreakable happiness in the midst of life.

When assimilated, the Gītā resolves inner pain, spiritual bypass, spiritual materialism, and the inner distaste for the realities of life. Students of the Gītā come to live life itself as a Yoga, in every moment. Its teachings lay the foundation for deep understanding of the Self, the world, and the Divine.

While many Yoga students and teachers have some introductory or book-based exposure to the Bhagavad Gītā, few in the West have received the in-depth teachings that are needed to truly unpack, digest, and apply the wisdom. Many are left with feel-good affirmations and quotes that don’t create meaningful transformation or awakening. To study this text deeply opens the door for the wisdom to truly alchemize the struggles and complexities of life into joy.


Access the most fundamental teachings of the Gītā, to transform your life, relationships and work for the sake of true spiritual growth. In six weeks you will begin to satisfy the thirst you have for true yogic teaching.

Join the Nectar of Action

6 Weeks, Live Online [and recorded] Thursdays 10am Pacific
Begins July 15 2021
Nectar of Action 6-Week Program Tuition:$198

What Past Students Say

Blown Away

"Kaya, I am blown away by your ability to anchor these teachings in lived experience and transmute them in ways that aren't watered down. I've studied the Gita formally under other teachers and none landed the way this did. Thank you!"

Profound Impact

"This program had such a profound impact on my life, my relationships and my teaching. It has been absolutely invaluable. Delivered as traditional a way as possible, with storytelling and analogies that made it digestible and understandable. The technology meant I could sit back and absorb as well as re-watch, pause and take notes and integrate what was being transmitted. Kaya's teaching is humble, humorous and always held in wisdom."

Yoga Teacher
So Happy I Chose this Program

""Kaya, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I cannot think of a word that would be a better description but nectar. It has been a wonderful journey with so many rich teachings that gave me so much to reflect on. I will be reading and re-reading my notes again and again, and definitely keep studying this program for a while. I am very happy with choosing this training and I am more than happy that I found you as my teacher. You are a true inspiration. Thank you!""

Deeper Understanding of Life

""This course has opened my eyes and heart so profoundly! I am new to the Vedic tradition. Having the opportunity to learn from you has given me context and a deeper understanding of my life internally and externally. I don't think I could ever express my gratitude and love for you and this course. Thank you, thank you, thank you.""

A Revelation

"Studying the Gita with Kaya has been a revelation. Finding out how rich in layers the verses are and the crucial differences in what certain words were meant to mean compared with how they are translated in the west. Finding out how applicable it is to everyone’s life. The Gītā has to be unpacked and appreciated and applied. It’s been so incredible. The revelations are endless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kaya!"

Pilates and Yoga Teacher
Profound and Practical

"Kaya! Your knowledge of this subject is profound! It frightens me. But in a super good way! I have learned so much. Teacher, thank you so much! I find the Gita and the nectars within as a practical means of applying the teachings in day to day living and as a supplement to my faith."

Yoga Teacher and First Responder
A Life Changer

"I feel extremely blessed to have been given this opportunity. The Nectar of the Gita has been a transformative experience on so many levels , truly impacting my daily being and positively reinforcing love inside and out. This was a life changer Kaya. Your teaching style is gentle yet firm and has an openness of spirit that reflects spiritual teaching of the highest order. A teacher that embraces you in the fold, no hierarchy just friendship and transmission. Well done!"

Yoga Teacher
Clear and Transformative

""I am so truly grateful to you Kaya. These teachings and the clarity that you bring to them came at a time in my life where I needed clear guidance for my spiritual growth. Your are a gifted teacher with a wealth of knowledge. What I learned through this course applies to every moment of the day. This has increased my ability as a teacher, to share in a way that will hopefully also help transform lives in some way.""

Yoga Teacher
The Best Course I’ve Ever Taken

"Just absolutely the best course I have ever taken (twice) in 25 years of yoga study and I’ll be returning for another round! If you don’t know where to start with classical yoga philosophy, you covered a little in a but feel you missed its heart, or you’re a longterm student who’s ready to do deeper, Kaya’s gentle, profound, loving teachings will take you on a journey into this beautiful shastra and into yourself. She shares wisdom gleaned from her own journey as supported by her own teachers, and theirs by their own teachers... the living tradition itself - so much more vital and important than empty, transaction-based certifications. And never in a way that buys into the cult of yoga celebrities, but in ways that bring these ancient teachings to life for modern day practitioners immersed in the world – because she is. This is yoga taught from yoga’s own standpoint. It’s decolonized, inclusive, accessible and trauma aware. Kaya weaves all of this into the course with skill and care and points back to the yoga tradition itself with so much of what we need right now understanding, insight, compassion, guidance, generosity and companionship, generating a living relationship with the shastra … and ultimately ourselves, as it intends. Real yoga is out there!"

Teacher, Writer
Resonating Deeply

"I absolutely adore these teachings and your approach Kaya. They resonate deeply with me and stay with me. I love to revisit my notes and the recordings. I love that you keep in touch with students and that your teachings are relevant and timely. And it makes me think. I really appreciate the bonus classes that you invite us into, your writings and recommendations. You have been a steady, unflickering flame of light in these often overcast and blustery days of late. Thank you."

Yoga Teacher
Had a Profound Impact

"The Nectar of the Gītā had a profound impact on my life, my relationships and my teaching. It has been absolutely invaluable. Delivered in as traditional a way as possible, with storytelling and analogies that made it digestible and understandable. Kaya's teaching is humble, humorous and always held in wisdom."

Yoga Teacher and Teachers' Teacher
Inspired and Awakened

"Kaya you have gifted us the opportunity to explore the Gita in a way I imagine many people never do. Your teaching has inspired, challenged, awakened and encouraged me. I have felt my understanding of yoga mature and the way I teach and engage with students has evolved. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you. You hold an energy that is kind and strong, warm and clear, incredibly intelligent and incredibly accessible. Thank you truly from my whole heart!"

Yoga Teacher
Joy Unfolding

"This program has been such a joy unfolding. It puts words to so many things that I’ve felt and known in my heart about reality. I took a whole course on the Bhagavad Gita previously where nothing was illuminated and I couldn’t understand it. I love the way you teach, unpacking every line and utilizing metaphors."

So Clear

"I’m REALLY LOVING these teachings. Your explanations make things so clear. It is the reason for the teacher. I could never get this meaning just by reading the texts, so THANK YOU!"

Yoga Teacher
Daily tasks have become Yoga

"“Your use of analogy to explain complex concepts is truly mind-blowing. The impact of your teachings and practices runs deeply. It has been validating to learn how to approach daily tasks as spiritual practice. With the Gita I now have a resource I can turn to again and again. Now I have a growing feeling of reverence, that everything I do is a sacred offering. I will be coming back again and again to the well that is you and what you share.” ​"

Serious Vedic Study

""This was a remarkably rich, full, deep undertaking, and I am so grateful to you for creating it with such wisdom and care. It was not only a journey through the Gita, but a serious introduction to Vedic thought and the study of Vedic scripture in general. To have a teacher who can unpack the texts and teachings for and with students - I feel so grateful for that gift, thank you.""

Yoga Teacher
Finally a Respectful Teacher Student Relationship

"Thank you Kaya for your tremendous generosity. Generosity on so many levels. I previously didn’t understand what it looked like to have a respectful relationship with a teacher. I now see how that relationship benefits students and teachings. I’m so enjoying and embracing being a student again. I'm coming to see that yoga isn’t separate from teaching and teaching isn’t separate from giving. I now understand how central the teacher-student relationship is, in ways that I intuited before but am now truly coming to understand.Thank you for your depth of understanding and the way the teachings filter through your own personality structure. You can only teach the way you teach with generosity. I have listened to your teachings again and again, and I get something new and layered out of every listening and it has caused me to reflect a lot on the process of learning overall.""

Writer & Teacher

    Nectar of the Action Curriculum

    Self mastery & Self discovery through the study of part one of the Bhagavad Gītā

    six weekS online

    Each class includes 90 minutes of lecture and teachings and plenty of extra time for your own questions and processing. Kaya’s goal is to make the teachings deep and personally transformative – not theoretical. 


    Class 1: The Context

    Learn where the Gītā sits in the Vedic tradition and enjoy a retelling of the epic Mahābhārata. Learn about dharma and karma and prepare your mind for the teachings to come. 


    Class 2: The Human predicament & the Ultimate Teaching  

    Learn why this text is considered a divine mother. Unpack Arjuna’s breakdown on the battlefield and Krishna’s initial teaching of the Self.


    Class 3: The Nectar of Karma
    Begin to explore the profound teaching of action as yoga. Explore common myths and mistakes, including spiritual bypass and spiritual materialism. 



    Class 4: Action and Knowledge

    Deepen your understanding of karma as Krishna lays out a life of yogic action as the most supreme means to yogic wisdom. 


    Class 5: Actionless and Renunciation 

    “The yogi knows, ‘I do nothing’, even while doing everything. Learn what it is to cultivate the inner attitude of freedom in a life of responsibilities. 


    Class 6: Contemplation and Meditation
    How a karma yoga life is the necessary soil for a contemplative mind and meditative practice. Learn Krishna’s specific meditation teachings. 


    The Nectar of Action

    6 Weeks ~ July 15 - August 19 2021

    Live Lessons & Q+A sessions are 10am-11:30am Pacific {recordings go up within 24 hours}

    Live Yoga now. Right in the midst of your life, as it is.

    Learn how your life as it is can be the most profound fodder for spiritual awakening. A central teaching in the Bhagavad Gītā it that it is possible to alchemize every moment of one’s life into a process of growth and expansion.

    Learn the fundamental and profound definition of the human condition, the human potential and a true yogic life. We unpack suck topics as karma and dharma, spiritual bypass, life as yoga, the struggle and pain of inner and outer conflict, the true meaning of non-attachment, the definition of yoga and of a “yogi”,  and so much more. 

    The next live round of Nectar of Action begins July 2021.  

    The Nectar of Action is one part of a three-part online series on the Bhagavad Gītā. Purchase the Nectar of Action a la carte for $198 or register for the full program at a discount

    "You have choice with regard to your action, however you do not get to choose the results of your actions."

    "The vision of the Gītā is that God is not distinct from the individual. You and God are one limitless awareness"

    "Nothing is more desirable than this knowledge which is both good for you and delicious, like nectar."

    Join the Nectar of Action

    6 Weeks, Live Online [and recorded]
    Begins July 2021
    Nectar of Action 6-Week Program Tuition:$198


    All classes are taught LIVE via video conferencing (Thursdays at 10am Pacific Time, U.S.) and recorded. This means you can attend live and revisit the material or watch the recordings on your own schedule. Attending live is ideal, I love when people can attend live, but I know due to time zones, travel, work schedules it’s not always possible. If you plan to watch the recordings, set aside a dedicated time each week.

    It is okay if you have to arrive late or leave early from the live classes.

    Joining live is simple. All classes are held on Zoom. You join with one click from a mobile device or a computer. You’ll need an internet connection to join live or watch/listen later, which is all up on the dedicated Nectar of Gita website.

    After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation with a link to the Zoom classroom. A few hours before each class you’ll receive a “Click to Join” email. You can also click to join from right inside the program site.

    If you are watching the recorded sessions (for example, if you join the program after one of the live courses has ended), you will receive a link to access the recordings to watch at your own pace. 

    Within 24 hours you’ll receive a link to the recording via email. You’ll access everything from the dedicated Nectar of the Gita program site.

    Each lesson is about 90 minutes of lecture followed by Q&A.

    If you’re trying to minimize screen time, just listen as an audio course. The video is there to make it a little more engaging for people who are more visual.

    Yes! The nature of the class is a 90-minute lecture followed by time for Q&A. There is also a way to type Qs into the Nectar of the Gita site after each lesson, and then I will respond to them on the page, or in subsequent live classes.

    Another clip from the course...

    In this clip from the Nectar of Action we understand LOVE as the driving force behind and the result of our pursuit of wisdom!

    Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

    Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

    You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

    Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!