Vāstu: Divine Patterns of Life & Yoga

Harmonize your life & yoga practice with cosmic order!

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Guide your life & yoga practice {or teaching} with vedic wisdom. Vāstu is an essential and fundamental ingredient in the total transformation of your life in which you learn to see all as a manifestation of divine Consciousness.

Vāstu: Divine Patterns

Vāstu transforms how you see everything.



It’s difficult to express the magic of this system until we delve into it together.  Vāstu is an entire vision of the manifestation that informs āyurveda, yoga, āsana, life, pleasure, pain, health, happiness, success. An understanding of vāstu makes everything completely alive. To study Vāstu is to delve into devtion as we explore how the formless manifests as form. Everything as the divine manifesting.
Through vāstu we begin to see that Astrology, Ayurvedā, Āsana practice are profoundly interconnected aspects of a holistic view of all of life – they are limbs of one body. 
Incredible vāstu. I am so excited to share her with you. She is truly a Goddess!

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Divine Patterns of Life

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Divine Consciousness manifests as all forms through the expression of unseeable patterns. We are made of these patterns and are continually under the influence of patterns. Those who know how to see and participate with cosmic order through its natural patterns will discover the clarity and luck that seems to elude most!

Program Details:
Vāstu: Divine Patterns of Life & Yoga

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Install the vedic viewpoint in your heart & mind. We will explore the deep purpose and principles of this system, grounded in the oral tradition and real-world examples. We will delve into the inspiration & practicalities of vāstu – as the vedic understanding how how the formless divine manifests as everything, and how we can interact with it through structure, arrangement, environment We will look at such structures as nature, home, places of worship, the body, asana and even the structure of a yoga lesson plan. 

This program is for anyone who wants to make every aspect of life yogic, or for yoga teachers who want deeper meaning behind how they plan and teach when sharing yoga with others. 

We are continually influenced by the structures & forms of life - but we are unaware of it!
Those who learn to see the the divine manifesting in patterns can learn to harmonize with those patterns and dance with life. Vāstu is waiting for you with the key to a deeper understanding of life.

Curriculum Details

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Lesson 1: Cosmic Order

What is cosmic order? Can the dwellings we inhabit bring us either sukha {sweetness} or dukha {suffering}? We will explore the system of vāstu as a sacred subject. We’ll look at the influence of:

  • The Vedic Tradition’s vision of divine order
  • Vāstu’s purpose & potential
  • “Good Vāstu” and “Bad Vāstu”
  • Vāstu and the aims of life
  • The dwelling & the indweller
  • Purpose & Form

We’ll explore the general concept of vāstu, how it fits in the vedic tradition overall, and how it relates to the teachings of dharma {natural order}. Plus the answer to the question: “Why are Californian’s so weird?”

Lesson 2: Vāstu Essentials

Vāstu in Life: Examples of Vāstu in the real world. We’ll use lots of real-world examples to explore the influence of vastu in both two & three dimension. 

  • shape, angle & directionality
  • the 5 elements
  • symmetry & variety
  • stillness & mobility
  • architectural examples
  • the home & the bed
  • altar location
  • shape of country or land mass

You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the influence of pattern and form in every aspect of life. Plus, get the answer to the timeless question: “where do I place the bed?”


Lesson 3: Making Āsana Meaningful

Āsana offers the body a variety of forms, and vāstu gives the key to understanding their purpose! Exp.ore the value of a supine, standing, seated, twisting, backbending āsana from the vāstu view! Make yoga practice more therapeutic, impactful, and attuned through understanding: 

  • The body as a dwelling
  • Categories of āsana and their purpose
  • Āsana, Vāstu, the 5 elements and Āyurveda
  • How different categories of āsana should be emphasized 

Finally gain an authentic frame to inform your practice {or your teaching} and your understanding of the potential of āsana. Plus, answer the common question: “Where should the yoga teacher sit?”

ONLINE Program

Divine Patterns of Life

Save over $100!
Regular TuitoN: $375

Sale! $265


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Do some dwellings bring luck? Do certain spatial arrangements influence people in similar ways? Does the arrangement and structure of your home, workspace, yoga space, bedroom and so on influence your psychology, health, prosperity, outlook, and success or failure? Does a place of worship have a different requirement for shape and angles than a place of rest? Are the āsanas of yoga offering a bodily architecture that can attune us to nature or put us in discord based on how we apply them? Vāstu answers these questions and much more.

The pattern of a dwelling has a profound impact on the in-dweller. We are always in a dwelling – be it surrounded by nature, in a home, in a place of worship. This applies to your home and the rooms within it, the shape and patterns of our art and objects of worship, and the shapes and patterns we apply to the body in the form of posture and āsana.

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!