Jyotish + Me – Why and How I use Vedic Astrology in my Personal Life

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I am S.L.O.W. to make decisions.

It can be debilitating. Ideas float around, up there in my head… and me, waiting for clarity. Waiting for a gut feeling {or the limitations of time} to force a choice.  I don’t ruminate over every little thing {I can wing a recipe or a yoga lesson plan with no problem} and as a Mama and entrepreneur, if I muddled over every little decision, I’d never get anything done. But there are a few areas of my life where I just can’t move forward with a basic decision.

I also worry.

Although I prefer to call it “creative thinking without a leash”. My mend tends toward anxiety.  Not about EVERYTHING. There are many of areas in my life in which I just jump in, feet first, without thinking twice. But a few key nagging things have kept me up at night over the yearsAnd I find it nearly impossible to differentiate between worry that is an intuitive signal that I should honor, and worry that is simply mental chatter.

One thing helps me resolve both worry and indecision.  

Simple clarity, strategy, and insight delivered with OBJECTIVE support and guidance. I need a professional!And by the way, here’s what I don’t need:
  • subjective opinions {based in someone else’s desires or fears!}
  • placations and being pat on the back
  • guesses from someone who doesn’t know any better than me

This is why Jyotish has been an incredible gift in my life.

Jyotisha {literally lore of light} is also called Vedic Astrology.  It is an ancient, practical, wise method hailing from the same tradition as Yoga and Ayurveda {and predating Western Astrology}. Jyotish is a system of mapping one’s karma in order to get CLARITY about when and how to apply your free will according to various potentials and limitations at particular times. Through jyotish you learn how to swim with the current, rather than against it – in all areas of life.
Here is what it is not:
  • woo-woo
  • limited to spiritual or psychological assessment {though it CAN do both if needed, it can do so much more!}
  • fear mongering about “mercury retrograde”
  • broad-sweeping statements that can be applied to everyone.

Jyotisha is in fact practical, specified to the individual, notoriously predictive and in my experience, highly therapeuticI’ve used it for every major decision in my personal life since 2004.

It was 2004. I desperately wanted to have a child and I was several years into a relationship with my now husband who, at the time, was NOT interested in an “official” ceremony or pregnancy. Meanwhile, my best friend was getting married, and seemed to be doing everything “by the book” and I was hippied-out in California, teaching yoga, working as a nanny, making vegan curries and feeling like I was waiting for life to “start”.

A friend recommended a Jyotish reading.

I made an appointment, emailed my birth stats, and was soon on the phone with a man whom I had never met, who was 1} describing me to ME, perfectly, and 2} advising me in a clear, objective, strategic, insightful and supportive way. He somehow was able to tell me the things I needed to hear, in the WAY I needed to hear it. Even the things I didn’t want to hear, it hit home {such as, “This is a rough period. It will be hard. You are not done studying, you need to go to Ayurveda school. This is NOT the time for marriage. If you get married now, you’ll end up divorced. Spend this time in school”}, and I knew on the inside the truth of what he said.

It was clear, wise and resonant – cathartic even – more so than any yoga or meditation retreat had been.

I went in to the reading insecure, frustrated, unsure with unfulfilled desires. The jyotishi explained that I was running a planetary period of 7 years that, because of configurations in my particular horoscope was designed, not for marriage, but rather for study and spiritual questing. It wasn’t at all what I wanted to hear… but he was absolutely right. And, as he pointed out, I could spend 7 years pining for something that wasn’t ready to ripen, or I could take advantage of the wave presenting itself and ride it gracefully and intentionally. Riding the right wave, I could thrive, instead of being knocked down.

He nailed truths {not just psychological but specific past events} so clearly, that I was able to trust and resonate with the predictions and suggestions. I knew the advice wasn’t based in opinion, but in deeper patterns that he seemingly magically decipher.  I was able to heed his advice. I threw myself full-on into advanced study and credentialing in my field, travel, retreat, tutelage during the exact time frame he suggested. By the end of the 7 years, my now husband was proposing and I had cultivated expertise I wouldn’t have otherwise pursued.  In my head, I had the plan reversed.  But it’s clear to me now, that if I attempted any of that in depth study NOW that I did then, I wouldn’t have the brain power for it. The wave would have passed.

I have had a reading every year {at LEAST} since that first consultation.

 A Jyotish reading calms, centers and focuses me… it quells my anxiety and organizes my strategies. I have used readings to…

  • Plan major travel {to avoid problems, delays, health risks}
  • Plan our marriage with an auspicious time for the ceremony
  • Plan conceiving a child and make a birth plan
  • Make investment decisions
  • Refine my business strategy and even my business name
  • Get a look at the year ahead to plan and strategize for our family and work
  • Calm my anxiety {by asking if I actually NEED to worry about such and such or is all in my head}

Two years after that 1st reading, we were learning Jyotish.


That first astrologer predicted {actually insisted} based on my horoscope, that my husband would become a Jyotishi, like him. I actually forgot this prediction until years later! And on a trip to India, when we asked a shopkeeper to connect us to an Ayurveda teacher, he instead sent us to a Jyotish teacher. We hadn’t pursued it, and yet, here it was, being delivered. That first Jyotish teacher led us to the next Jyotish teacher – which lead to huge opportunities, learning and change. 
My husband went on to develop a close tutelage relationship with his Jyotish teacher, Hart deFouw, one of the most renowned Vedic Astrologers of our time. Studying “chest-to-chest” with him for thousands of hours over the course of 5 years. But that’s a story for another article!

Curious about your own karma map? Need guidance, clarity and strategy? Check out JyotishResolution.com

I have a huge value and love for Jyotish. And I’ve seen what a profound difference consultations with Michael at JyotishResolution have made for my students, clients and colleages. In a future article I’ll share when, why and how I recommend it to so many clients and students. 


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