Alchemizing Wounds into Wisdom

Uncomfortable patterns coming into the light?

Through deep contemplation of the divine radiance within, arises the sorrowless luminosity of the heart.  ~ Patañjali Yoga Sūtra

Over the past few days, I’ve been witnessing what feels like an uncomfortable but potentially transformative time.  
I believe this process is being catalyzed by the light of the recent powerful full moon, the culminating movement of the celestial serpent [the moon’s nodes] and other cosmic influences of late. 
I had been curiously witnessing patterns around me… then this message was shared in our online sangha: 
“The struggle is real! Anyone else feeling it? Undigested, karmic patterns and the unconscious becoming conscious = what is hidden being revealed. Uncomfortable AF. Being with what is, and being kind toward myself.” 
More messages flooded in like… 

“Omg yes! Like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I feel like situations are being put in my way to MAKE me face those patterns. I’m sure it’s a good thing, but it feels awful”


“Gosh it’s uncomfortable but with glimmers of empowerment!”


“So much looking at patterns I didn’t even know were there!”

Right now, a cosmic light is revealing hidden patterns that you didn’t realize were lurking beneath the surface. 
What may be revealed are uncomfortable patterns you thought were already healed, or patterns that you never knew existed. 
You’re not alone if you’ve lately noticed….


  • confrontation [real or imagined] with people or circumstances
  • intrusive repetitive thoughts
  • knee-jerk reactions you didn’t think were lurking there
  • feeling stuck, stagnant or sticky…just psychologically yuck
Past karma momentum are coming to the surface… right in your face. 
I’m also hearing from some of you that you’ve been able to use your yogic practices & knowledge to alchemize the revelation of wounds into wisdom and growth. 
Take a look at two messages that came in today: 
“Another uncomfortable pattern gets lifted to the surface & again I do the work to release it which causes me to go through another energetic detox of upheaval, but then all that releases & I am even more free than I was before. I’ve never felt this whole & complete. I’ve never felt this happy to be alive ever.”
“Old uncomfortable patterns being presented the opportunity to surface, but then watching myself respond differently & feel a sense of lightness, ease & connection. It’s very heartwarming, and pleasantly surprising…like a culmination of so much past effort, like harvesting fruit from seeds I planted long ago”
Yogic practices, knowledge and momentum is a boon that will light the way forward.

Yogic radiance has brought you to this point, and will illumine your path forward. I promise. ~ Kaya

A few weeks ago for Dipavali we lit our lamps and celebrated luminosity. It was joyful and blissful. 
Light is connected to wisdom, knowledge, victory, bliss, awakening. The sanskrit word for light is “div” as in “Divine”. 
But divine doesn’t mean what you “like”… divine means what is
Light shines on and reveals EVERYTHING… including pain, discomfort, ugliness, trauma. 
Yoga is a journey of raw honesty. It is a journey to Reality…. the Supreme Reality. And along the way we see things “as they are” not “as we would like them to be”.
So here are some suggestions:


When an old pattern, thought, feeling, circumstance or reaction comes  up to the surface.

  1. See it & reflect on it honestly. Take time in the moment of discomfort, or later. Journal, talk with a dear friend, or make art – this is the blessing of the luminosity of yogic awareness, prajña. 

  2. Hold the pattern with loving allowance. Breathe, talk to yourself, go into nature and allow it to be just as it is – this is the blessing of yogic self-compassion, kśāntiḥ.

  3. Ask for divine insight, guidance & support. Sit at your altar, or do your devotional prayers or mantra sādhana. Quite literally ask the divine for help – sing, cry, yell, talk – this is the blessing of yogic devotion, bhakti.

  4. Release it, change your viewpoint or change your actions. You have to actually be like a burning flame here. Do things differently… see things differently, change the pattern – this is the blessing of yogic vision, jñāna & yogic action, karma yoga. 


“May my mind be illumined, not with thought, but with spiritual lusture & splendor” – Sri Aurobindo

This is a time to gather up all the “sides” of yourself – the painful and uncomfortable patterns on “one side” and the yogic wisdom, skill and radiance on the “other side” in order to alchemize the wounds into wisdom. You can truly extract the nectar from this time and come out more free and open than before. 

It reminds me of one of the most famous stories of the vedic tradition. 
In the Kshira-Sāgara, the Churning of the Milky Ocean, the Devas [beings of light] must call on the strength and vigor of the Asuras [the beings of shadow]. They work together to extract boons, blessings and nectar from the cosmos. 

Yogic revelation comes when you gather the whole of yourself fearlessly & lovingly, and use your yogic skills to grow. 

I promise, you are already doing it. And you are doing better than you realize. The universe is simply delivering you an “a-ha” moment. 

This month we are moving into to a profound time of the “pathfinder”.

Big pieces of the puzzle of your path of destiny may be put right in front of you, guiding you on your way. Fate doesn’t mean it is always comfortable, so stay with a devotional, patient and receptive attitude. More on this inside the Tea & Jyotish Session for Nectar of Time members. 

Take heart. You got to this point with the luminosity of your spirit, and luminosity will deliver you to the other side. Be open to change, and know that a radiant light is guiding the way. 



PS ~ Everything I’m sharing this month is about this journey of alchemy through gathering all of yourself. It is a month of nectar. 

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I’m looking forward to sharing with you. More about these journeys below. Join one or both. They are designed to fit together for a wholesome experience, but offered separately so you can choose your adventure. I hope to see you soon and share these yogic delights with you. 
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