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Established by Kaya Mindlin, August 2002

"Time is the ornament of the Goddess"

A unique synergy of the full spectrum of the Veda Tradition.

“Kaya, you appear here as a holder of the timeless tradition of mother as storyteller.” – Jyotisha Master Hart deFouw

Nectar of Time is firmly rooted in tradition & sacred stewardship, and yet unique to Kaya’s method and bhāva. Kaya galvanizes and alchemizes various aspects of the veda tradition into a holistic offering of love.  Stories & teachings inside the Nectar of Time are unlike what you will find anywhere else, because they come alive in her own understanding & approach in seeing & sharing synergistic meaning with a personalized toch across jyotisha, āyurveda, kaṭhā [storytelling], śāstra [scripture]. Most imporant, rather than informational, Nectar of Time is transformational – imbued with the viewpoint of a householder & devotee of the sacred.

Inside the Nectar of Time...

Each month’s offering is rooted in the vedic calendar. Here’s what’s included: 

  • Monthly Live Tea & Jyotish session – a forecast of the Vedic Astrology of the month so you can understand & plan the month ahead. 
  • Monthly Storytimes of Gods, Goddesses & Sages based on vedic festivals of the month. Kaya offers her storytelling, and reveals the hidden meanings behind the stories. 
  • Spiritual Sādhanas – such as mantra, āsana, yoga nidrā or devotional ritual depending on the vedic festival of the time
  • Suggested lifestyle practices such as āyurvedic self massage & recipes as well as daily chanting 
  • Bonus classes & storytimes for various festivals or extra Jyotish updates!
  • Access to our online sangha of over 250 members for sharing in conversation, connection & inspiration
  • Special gifts & bonuses from guest teachers and friends of Nectar of Time
The Nectar of Time is in its third year of life... and each year the Vedic Calendar is different, as the vedic calendar is cyclical but the astrological conditions during the festivals as the years go by is different. Each month and year of the Nectar of Time is special, unique & rich. 

“Storytelling, practices and teachings given at the right time are a healing remedy that allow you to entrain to time. Sacred is time, and sovereign is the one who knows how to wield it.” ~ Kaya

July: prioritizing deeper values

Shining Saturn & Guru Purnima

With Saturn Retrograde & Guru Purnima we have a month that brings some seriousness and an opportunity to slow down, take stock, assess, redirect and prioritze what matters most. 
A more shining and powerful Saturn & Guru Purṇima will invite us toward wisdom, spiritual and personal growth and a call to hold on to the deeper values and patterns that hold us in return. 
The jyotish will  carry you through the upcoming significant 4 months of Saturn retrograde and you’ll enjoy stories to inspire & guide you – including teachings about how to find the guru in everything in this manifestation!
Nectar of time is beautiful place to remember that we are part of something grand. I’m amazed how Kaya’s teachings are generous, uplifting, and ever nourishing. It’s never about what you must do, but how to find and live the magic in our daily lives. Nectar of Time helps ground me. It reminds me that all is a dance with everything that moves from the very cup of tea I poor in the morning to more important issues in my life. With Kaya, it’s never about information, though you get plenty. She shares wisdom, Vedic wisdom that it reaches your heart. You grow, you learn, you transform. It’s not a course that you take and move on to the next thing. It lingers with you, it stays with you, it supports you. You are not a consumer of information, it’s always about connection. And that is so rare in this modern world.
I love the Nectar of Time! Kaya is a fabulous teacher and shares her wisdom in such a nurturing way. Every session is shared in a way that makes it easy to understand and apply to my life. The sessions give me time and space to slow down and tune in. Building this time in to my monthly routine has been the perfect way to take a sacred pause. The impact these sessions have had on my life have been profound. It's changing the way I look at and I interact with the universe. Making conscious decisions to live my life in a more harmonious way has greatly improved my life. I look forward to each session and I’m so grateful to have such a warm and nurturing teacher!
I spent so much of life pushing against forces beyond my control but Kaya shows a more calm, deeper more harmonious way through life - if we know what the cycles are, and the remedies and the practices that will support us. The teachings and stories in the Nectar of Time always come at the perfect moment. I might be right in the middle of the kind of struggle that Kaya is talking about, and she gives the remedies, practices, mantra to alleviate struggle and accentuate the blessings of the time. On top of all the beautiful wisdom, there is the community, and the feeling that you’re not alone, and that there are many people trying to live a life that is more harmonious and in tune with these beautiful wisdom teachings. It's such a gift and I cannot imagine living without it now.

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 If you’ve loved Kaya’s or her sharing of sacred practices and teachings, you’ll love the Nectar of Time container that threads these together into a divine tapestry that will change your life.

Features of Nectar of Time

Established in 2022 by Kaya Mindlin. 
Here’s more about our accessible live classes, self paced videos, Q&As, bonuses, and community. 

Storytelling & Sacred Celebration

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Each month focuses on a particular theme, divine form, or celebration of the Vedic calendar. Kaya shares storytime and sacred ritual honorings or practice attuned to cosmic configurations. 

Āyurveda lifestyle & YOgic practice

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Bonus on-demand content each month from Kaya & guest teachers include āyurvedic lifestyle, recipes, āsana, prāṇāyāma, yoga nidrā open source sanskrit recitation, singing & scriptural teachings. 

Tea & Jyotish by Michael & Kaya


Kaya and her husband, Vedic astrologer Michael Manzella, create monthly live tea and jyotish sessions that are accessible and inspiring. The Live Q&As make the sharing even more meaningful and clear. 


Experience your life journey guided and nourished by divine timing, and anchored in the breath of the cosmos, manifesting as the vedic calendar and its meanings. 

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One year container for $405
Or Join MOnthly at $40/month

**This is a membership designed to change your life over the course of time. Your selected payment method will be automatically charged at the end of each payment cycle as long as you wish to be a member. 

The Nectar of time has been an incredible support, especially for someone that is a student of Jyotisha. Every month I look forward to hearing Kaya's stories, wisdom and knowledge that can easily be integrated on the earthly realm.. The way I perceive other people has changed. This really has been the biggest transformation, to spontaneously be able to understand, perceive and feel the microcosm as the macrocosm and move away from old beliefs. I am very happy that Nectar of time is continuing and as always thank you Kaya for what you bring to light for us.
The Nectar of Time has been incredibly supportive and uplifting for me. I am more deeply connected to the rhythm of the cosmic order. The stories and lessons shared give me deeper insight on both a micro and macro level. The jyotish shared helps me understand and interpret experiences I am having and helps me navigate life's circumstances with more grace and assurance. Being part of the Nectar of Time community has been a profound blessing in my life.
"I'm So appreciative of all the love and work you put into these monthly talks and the additional support talks you give throughout the months. On top of it all, you add additional stories and resources to deepen your topics! Plus we have all talks recorded! You are a wealth of gold! Thank you, thank you, thank you! So glad I found you and Michael!
Nectar of Time is an all-embracing guide in my every day life and my spiritual practice. Kaya shares Vedic astrology, ancient teachings, self-care tips and more in a way that allows me to apply these in my daily life. Especially the Jyotish insights and the way it affects our lives is so helpful to me. Though the teachings are complex, I never feel overwhelmed and we can always ask questions throughout the month. Kaya’s teachings help me in a lot of ways. But if I had to pick only one, it would be that I live my life with a lot more inner stability. I've established a healthy routine (with yoga classes and delicious recipes inside the program) and live in a more natural rhythm now.

Join Nectar of Time

One year container for $405
Or Join MOnthly at $40/month

**This is a membership designed to change your life over the course of time. Your selected payment method will be automatically charged at the end of each payment cycle as long as you wish to be a member. 

Each month in the Nectar of Time is a living offering. 

Each month is a living offering...

  • Ganesha Chaturthi – Hidden meanings + mantras & āsana practices for Ganesha
  • Pitr Pākśa – Teachings & Practcies for the ancestors
  • Navarātri – Stories & practices for the goddess
  • Dipāvali – Celebration + deeper understanding
  • Eclipse Season – guidance & meaning for strange times
  • Vedic New Year – Honoring the Sun & Moon
  • Śivarātri – Shiva Storytime to deepen your spiritual journey + yoga nidrā practice to meet lord Śiva
  • Saraswati Jayanti – Stories, Mantra, and Meaning
  • Akṣaya Tritiya – Hidden meanings, scripture & suggestions
  • And so much more!!
I’m so grateful for finding my way to you. Your teachings are everything I've been looking for. The Feminine Divine teachings and stories in particular are absolutely beautiful and moving, I feel like a child in some ways, maybe because it feels so new to me... yet I have a great feeling that I have known these things deep in my past or all along some way..
Each lesson held new gems and insights which has allowed a depth to grow over time in me. My entire practice is more joy-filled. The deeper integration of the teachings feels natural and connected to me. I had felt isolated for a very long time in my study and practice.. There had been shadows and wounds that I now see in a new light. I appreciate how you answer questions with ease, humor and honesty.

Brought to members by Kaya Mindlin & Michael Manzella since 2022

My love for jyotish began with our early studies on the banks of the Ganges in India in 2002, continued under direct tutelage of Hart deFouw and grows day by day. 

My love of storytelling began in childhood, raised by performing artists. Reading vedic stories to my children further awakened this love and I began sharing festival stories and meanings with small groups in 2016 while pregnant with our second child. The stories are open source & timeless. But they are stewarded by culture I share them from a personal vision. 

Culturing my mind with the vedic teachings and devotional practices for 25 years, the meanings of stories are often now revealed in quiet reflection. Weaving my love of Jyotisha, Āyurveda, Yoga and Storytelling together in the Nectar of Time is my offering that I hope honors my teachers while delighting & supporting you in the right ways.

Tea & Jyotish segments & Vedic Calendar counsel r are under the advisement of Kaya’s husband, master Vedic Astrologer Michael Manzella

Michael has been advising clients internationally for 16 years, having been under direct & private tutelage of Hart deFouw since 2005. His skill, warmth, humor, depth and practical approach give you well needed insight and decision making regarding everything from work and family to finance and study to spiritual practice, relationships and more. 

Jyotish is for everyone! His diverse clientele range from actors & acupuncturists, healing practitioners and astrologers, farmers and teachers, Chefs and CEOs. 

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You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

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