Nectar of Time ~ Year in Vedic Life

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Private Wisdom Container For Yogic Seekers

Experience life organized and nourished by the sacred nectar of time. Be guided and supported by the wisdom of the ebbs and flows of the season, the moon, the star constellations, the divine beings. Do your soul’s work supported by divine timing so that you can move with the current, instead of against it. 
If you’ve loved Kaya’s timely postings on instagram about vedic astrology and vedic rituals aligned with time, and you love her “Tea & Jyotish” sharings… the Nectar of Time container will take these to a deeper level. 

"The ornament of the Goddess is Time" ~ Śakti Tantra

Join Kaya for access to keys of the vedic calendar, insights from her own lifestyle and the wisdom of divine timing. Each month will be a living offering from Kaya rooted in the unfoldment of sacred time over the course of the year. 
  • Vedic festivals to gather blessings in accord with sacred timing
  • Insights about important vedic astrology to guide your life & practice
  • Teachings and stories connected to Divine beings 
  • Recipes & self-care practices that Kaya incorporates into her home and family life


One year container of Teachings & Community

"A spiritual seeker must conform to one thing: dharma" ~ Swami Dayānanda

I wanted to just begin by expressing my whole hearted thankfulness- for you, your teaching, and the sangha you've cultivated. I would tell you all the aha! moments and things you've said that have just felt like you were speaking to my soul, but it would be a very, very long email. I finally feel at home in my spiritual life, no longer grasping at anything and everything. Your teaching has helped me to understand myself through a lens of compassion and wisdom, for which I am endlessly grateful.
"Kaya has been an inspiration for living a grounded, integrated, accessible, yogic life. It’s hard to put into words the value of having that kind of example in my life. To receive knowledge from an authentic and loving teacher is truly a gift! The energy and grace that is carried through Kaya's words, voice and very essence are a soothing balm for the body mind and spirit. In a world that feels so unstable these teachings create a vast container of security and love. She are a rare gift in this world Kaya and an amazing teacher."
“Thank you, Kaya, for your humility, wit, clarity, care, insight, your ability to hold an expansive vision and to empathize with our individual struggles ...may we as students know our unique and valuable contribution to the endless flow of teachings that you share with us. I honestly had no idea teacher-student relationships could be so nourishing and I know that is because you are tapped into something very real, very meaningful and very magical.Thank you to your teachers and theirs and theirs throughout time.”

October inside Nectar of Time

Navarātri Stories & Teachings of Feminine Divine – Durgā’s creation story & Lakṣmi Tantra + Bonus Dipāvali Teachings about the Radiance of Victory & Vedic Astrology insights for the month.


One year container of Teachings & Community

Features of Nectar of Time

Easy-to-access live classes, videos, Q&As, bonuses and community. 

Live Teachings

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Monthly live “Tea & Time” teachings with Kaya. Each month’s theme rooted in the vedic calendar, varied to include stories, teaching and practical suggestions and meaningful astrology and vedic festivals. Live attendance encouraged, but not required – all will be recorded!

Live Tea & Time:  1st Saturday of each month, 10am Pacific


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Get bonus content from Kaya based on the month’s theme, astrological configurations and her own lifestyle. Recipes, stories, insights, extra videos, articles and more. The bonus content is a peak inside of Kaya’s own lifestyle!

Q&A with Kaya


Each monthly live Tea & Time includes open Q&A with Kaya. Ask anything to make the teachings personal – nothing is taboo.  Enjoy the support of a community of practitioners committed to yogic teachings & personal growth. 

+ Access Kaya’s online Sangha for community connection

Connect to the divine through Her pulse, the structure of time. 

Experience life as a celebration, anchored to the breath of the Cosmos. 

Nectar of Time

Upcoming topics

  • Ganesha Festival ~ The one who opens {and closes!} Doorways & Kaya’s sweet offering recipe
  • Full Moon insights from vedic astrology & archetypal stories
  • Navarātri Dūrga’s & Bija Mantras for the Feminine Divine
  • Dipāvali ~ Victory, Heroism & Illumination
  • Eclipses ~ Understanding & Handling Times when Dharma is Disturbed
  • Shivarātri – Sacred Names & Meanings of the Original Yogi
  • Guru Purṇima ~ Discovering the meaning of Teacher
  • SO much more! 


One year of teachings & Community