Healing Hypermobility

A Practical & Mystical Approach with Yoga Therapist, Kaya Mindlin

Healing Hypermobility

Self-Paced Prerecorded Online Program

Practitioners & Teachers: Learn to protect the periphery, soothe the sacred spine and understand the deeper meaning of the Hypermobile pattern

Kaya hasn’t taught her signature “Healing Hypermobility” program since 2014, and it’s finally coming to you online. This program is appropriate for both teachers & students of yoga and is an ideal companion to SRY Studio Membership and SRY Fundamentals Training. 


Self-Paced Teaching + 4 Curated Yoga Practices

Hypermobility is not just about the body.

This pattern is extremely common among yoga teachers & experienced practitioners of yoga. Here are just a few of the symptoms of this pattern which effects the physical, mental and beyond… 

  • Fear, anxiety, trauma
  • Pain the moves around the body 
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Fixation on outer appearance
  • People pleasing
  • Cracking joints & dry skin, hair, nails
  • Desire to be seen as “go with the flow” but actually quite picky 
  • Highly sensitive to other people’s needs & wants
  • Difficulty sitting still or resting in oneself
  • Food sensitivities that are increasing with time
  • Feelings of core “weakness”
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others

Learn what hypermobility is, the root causes, shortcomings in yogaland, the vedic viewpoint, mental components, and how to heal it with deeper healing practices that make all the difference.

If you’re a yoga student, you may seem to move easily and far into yoga poses, yet you are living in pain or with a very busy mind. You came to yoga for help, but still are struggling with anxiety, hyper-vigilance, a busy mind, digestive or hormonal unrest, and pain in key areas of your body – like your hips, neck, SI joints, and even your tailbone.  You feel disappointed in yourself & yoga. You get congratulated in conventional yoga classes for your “flexibility,” but everything seems to make you feel worse. 

If you’re a yoga teacher, you may feel like certain yoga practices run you ragged. You have a facade of a “yogi,” but you are suffering as much as your students – or more – with a relentless busy mind, bodily pain, trauma, and “weird” symptoms that seem to come out of nowhere with no clear explanation. You thrived in yoga because your body could make “shapes,” and you love teaching because you are a sensitive seeker who wants to help people – but you feel more and more limited in your body and frustrated that no one seems to know how to help you get to the deeper realms within that yoga promises. If you can’t do that, how can you help others? You feel a bit like a fraud, claiming to love yoga and wanting to help others, yet plagued with physical pain, and feeling unable to get out of your head to discover the mystical states that yoga promises.  

Where there is trauma or vāta, there is a hypermobility pattern.

You aren’t a broken problem to be fixed… but the hypermobile tendency can be painful… and you may have noticed you are more “sensitive” to the world than others. “Hyperlaxity” is a whole system constitution in which the ligaments are OVERSTRETCHED while the muscles along the spine are TIGHT, RIGID, RESTRICTED, DEHYDRATED & DEPLETED. This is most severely felt in your hips & pelvis and your heart, neck & shoulders.  It manifests in digestive sensitivity & hormonal imbalance. Some say, “wow, lucky you are so flexible,” while you are questioning whether something is wrong because of the pain in your body and relentless hypervigilance and anxiety of your mind.  

Hypermobility is very common among yoga practitioners & teachers.

Hypermobility is the dominant pattern among yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, people in the healing arts, women, dancers. Yes, it is that common. And yet… 70% of physical therapists in their OWN study said they don’t know what to do about hypermobility! And the vast majority of yoga practices not only don’t understand hypermobility but exacerbate it! It is so common and so painful. It is time to be part of a movement of practitioners and teachers who know how to recognize it, how to work with it, and even how to heal it. 

Yogaland, Modern Culture & the Bio-Mechanic Model is Confused

You can approach your own body in a different way, and help others to do so too. Yoga practitioners with hypermobility patterns are misunderstood and even mistreated in conventional yogaland. Often “rewarded” or “complimented” for the pattern that allows for “shape-making”, you are likely in pain. Most Yoga teachers and physical therapists don’t understand hypermobility at the physical level  and even fewer understand or recognize the mental components of hypermobility that can shift in the light of awareness. 

Yes, hypermobility can be healed

You can find hope & healing in your practice – and bring it to students with this pattern as well. It takes a radically different viewpoint and letting go of popularized mechanistic assumptions about the body that are a disservice. 

Luckily, you’re a yoga practitioner!! You LOVE growth, transformation & deepening your knowledge. 

Get ready for a deep dive into the components of the problem of hypermobility & the solution, including… 

  • The elusive psoas and why it is so tight & dehydrated in hypermobile bodies
  • The Ayurveda viewpoint on hypermobility
  • The Vāstu viewpoint – vedic architecture of the body! 
  • The mystical, magical {but very tight} tailbone
  • The myths {and the truths} about “hip openers” in yoga
  • Exaggerated & complicated diagnoses – Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lymes, Anxiety 
  • Pregnancy & Hypermobility
  • How to “see” the hypermobile pattern and work with it in others
  • Practicum on Key āsanas as examples 
  • Propping and Hypermobility do’s & don’ts
  • Practice and and Hypermobility do’s & don’ts
  • Linguistic Tools for working with hypermobile students
  • The spine and hypermobility
“Kaya 's soft, but grounding, presence holds a very nurturing space for everyone to invite us to surrender into the asanas, into the breath, and into ourselves. I love how concise and simple her directions are, without the need the ‘fluff’ up the language. I find her handouts very useful, [they keep] us engaged during and after trainings. I love how she weaves teachings of the tradition into her teaching. It never feels random, but totally integrated.”
Elaine Oyang
Yoga Therapist & Relaxation Specialist
“I love her very clear, focused, patient style of instruction. The handouts are wonderful. She keeps things simple and understandable. She is really the only yoga trainer I’ve had who provides clear, focused instruction that inspires me and leaves me feeling that I've learned something substantial and with tools that I can use and experience on my own. Thank you Kaya, for all that you've shared with us!
Patty Schmidt
Yoga Teacher & Pelvic Health Specialist
“I’m so glad I found Kaya. Her teachings continually layer and build on depth of philosophical understanding that has truly helped me. She helped me to heal from my pain, and to become the teacher I am today. Her radiant clarity has made her my go-to treasure trove of knowledge for troubleshooting my yoga therapy and meditation work with others. It’s incredibly valuable for me to have Kaya as my guide as I guide others. I just love her."
Lauren Ziegler
Yoga Therapist and Meditation Guide


I have noticed a reduction in hypermobility patterns since starting SRY and I was wondering how this works? I thought that ligaments/tendons could not returned to a less stretched state, is this not correct? Or are my muscles just working more harmoniously so the pain and such that went along with the hypermobility has disappeared?​​
Yoga Teacher
The reduction in my hypermobility patterns across all the systems of my body is startling since I started this practice. ​
Longtime Yoga Practitioner
"Wow! Kaya, thank you for this practice. As someone with hypermobility and painful SI joints joints I've avoided twists for years. After just one practice with you I see and feel a profound difference in my body! Seriously I've been walking around the house saying 'wow' out loud for the last 20 minutes! Thank you!"
Yoga Teacher

Features of Healing Hypermobility

Easy-to-access live classes, videos, Q&As, bonuses and community. 

Deep Teachings


This program is “lecture heavy”. Kaya takes a lot of time to unpack Hypermobility from a full-spectrum viewpoint. This includes the anatomical and embryonic view, short-comings in yogaland and physical therapy, vedic psychology, Ayurveda, and more. 

Direct Experience


Experiential practices & detailed practicums! Four curated self-paced Supreme Release Yoga practice that highlight the principles of the program.  Plus Live practicums of several key poses that give Kaya the opportunity to emphasize and explain more in depth certain principles of the body 

Live Q&A Time

Screen Shot

Time each live session to ask your questions, get Kaya’s eyes on your body, see how she works with others and have time as a community to explore the teachings, principles and practices of the program. 

Four Pillars of Training with Kaya

Kaya's approach to yoga therapy is truly rooted in a holistic vedic vision of yoga & of the human experience. Designed for practitioners & teachers, her programs thread the mystical & the practical with teachings & direct experience.

4 essential components of SRY training with Kaya


Direct Experience

Yoga is not theoretical nor academic. It must be experienced directly & deeply by the practitioner. The practices must be guided by a masterful teacher & then revealed within the practitioner. Practice of Supreme Release Yoga is included  in every training. 


Holistic Pedagogy

Kaya brings kinesthetic, auditory & visual teaching methods and a particular teaching pedagogy that allows you to successfully learn, digest and apply what you learn to yourself or others. Her approach uses the embryonic vision of the body. 


Honoring Tradition

Every teaching connects to timeless truths about the human experience through the lens of the vedic tradition. Nothing is random or based on yogaland trends. Kaya threads yoga chikitsa, yogic scripture, sacred story, ayurveda, vastu and vedic astrology into all that she shares. 



The relationship between teacher & student and amongst students is sacred. Every training with Kaya includes time to reflect, share, ask questions. Kaya responds in real time to real students. You continue to get intimate guidance & support in our online sangha. 

Precious time together is the classical way to experience & learn healing techniques. The direct experiences of profound yogic tools, is essential to teach from a place of inner depth and integrity. Wonderfully, this means more healing and transformation for you on your path to learning to support others in their healing and transformation. ~ Kaya
“I am beyond thrilled that you are my teacher, and that you are sharing such in-depth knowledge of the roots of yoga and it's true teachings."
"Kaya your classes are the most accessible I've ever been to, and you don't even promote them as accessible. It's so naturally part of you that you're not 'selling accessibility'' which is so refreshing."
"I learned and experienced more healing and depth in the first four practices of yoga with Kaya than I did in my entire four years my Yoga Therapy school!!"



*For those who have completed SRY Fundamentals, the emphasis of this training is not on new poses and practices, because the whole SRY practice is already geared to address hypermobility. This program is about deepening your understanding and refining your approach to practice & teaching. 

You (or your students) may seem to move easily and far into yoga poses but are living in pain with an extremely busy or easily agitated mind.


Other people say things like, “Wow lucky you are to be so flexible”, yet you question whether something is “wrong” because of the pain in your joints, back, or neck. An ever-growing list of sensitivities seems to crop up in your body and a true sense of health feels like a moving target.


Furthermore, no matter how you look or seem on the outside, you feel obstructed in the quiet mind that yoga is designed to cultivate.


Dive deeply into a full-spectrum knowledge of the hypermobility pattern (the one most experienced yoga practitioners have). Learn how to recognize it, what are the underlying patterns, and key practice “don’ts”. 


Learn about the mental components that usually accompany the body pattern and how to work with the body-mind of the hypermobile practitioner – yourself and your students.


Designed for both experienced practitioners and teachers of yoga. You’ll learn what you need to transform your approach to your personal practice or your teaching {or both!}

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!