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Healing Hypermobility

Hypermobility is a pattern in which joint ligaments are overstretched and nearby muscles are deceptively tight. The body often moves into extreme angles easily, but the core is both extremely rigid and weak. If unresolved, hypermobility can lead to anxiety, physical pain, instability, hypervigilance, and keeps many yogis from experiencing the quiet mind that Yoga is designed to cultivate.

Join Kaya on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 in Berkeley to learn how to spot and correct hypermobility patterns in your students {and yourself!}.

Are you under the influence of the yogi-maker?

Yogic seekers tend to be influenced by Saturn, and also tend to feel “different”. 

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There are times I think you customize these talks just for me. The light you shed is helping me find my way. Thank you.