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If you join the live lessons, you can ask your questions during Q&A time.  Or you can use the form below. You can also ask questions in the Online Sangha Forum Kaya has created for students of the Gita. Kaya will respond if you tag her @kayamindlin Online Sangha Questions?

Suggested Study

These companions programs to the Nectar of the Gitā will enrich your experience & wisdom journey. I created DeMystifying for Nectar of the Gita students who had so many questions about Karma. Karma teachings are FUNDAMENTAL in the Bhagavad Gitā and yet are not explicitly taught there, as it is assumed that you already know …

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April 23: LIVE Q&A

Talk soon! Q&A with Kaya is a totally open forum where you can ask her anything. Some ideas are questions about…  Teaching yoga Business of yoga Yoga Therapy Yoga Philosophy Content from your philosophy classes with Kaya Sanskrit Kaya’s thoughts on yogaland Yoga Poses The Spine & body Yoga lifestyle Ayurveda Vedic Astrology More Ask …

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IAMYoga Philosophy with Kaya Schedule

October 23 – LIVE The Purpose of Yoga {Patanjali Yoga Sutras 1.1-1.4} November 20 Recorded, More from Patanjali Yoga Sutras [TBA] December 11: Recorded, The Sound of Om {Mandukya Upanishad}  December 11: Recorded, Karma Yoga {Bhagavad Gita} March 12: Recorded, Sanskrit & Asana Pronunciation March 19: Recorded, Cakras & Kuṇḍalinī Śakti April 23:  LIVE Ask Anything Q&A with Kaya Your attendance is REQUIRED for ALL content …

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Last Day Reminders

More on the Forgiveness Prayer “Oh, Goddess, whatever action that was committed through ignorance, forgetfulness or confusion, all of that. Oh Supreme Goddess, please forgive, oh may you be so gracious” ~ Chandi Path, Kṣāma Prārthanā {Prayer of Forgiveness   The Forgiveness Prayer recording is still available and an excellent addition to Pitr Paksha. Live …

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Dates of Navaratri Fall 2022

Dates of Devotion: In North / South America, South Asia, Asia, Europe: September 26-October 4th {Oct 5th is the 10th day which is also auspicious} In Australia / New Zealand: September 27-October 5th {Oct 6th is the 10th day which is also auspicious} Welcome! This is your reminder that Navaratri – the devotion to the divine feminine …

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