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Reflection Questions

Your Reflections These optional contemplative reflections can help to deepen & integrate the teachings! We will send you a copy of your responses, so that you have them to reflect on again.  And now… ? What’s Next

What’s Next?

This programs are the perfect way to continue your journey. Nectar of the Gitā is the essential yogic scripture for householder yogis, taught in a way that’s joyful, deep, & personal. If you loved Nectar of Patañjali, this course is a must! Sanskrit & Mantra classes make sacred language and recitation fun, accessible, practical and meaningful with …

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Bonus and Resources for Patanjali

Book There’s no required reading.  If you want to purchase a sutras translation, look for one who’s author knows Sanskrit and uses the traditional bhaṣya. One is Taimini’s “Science of Yoga” Yoga Sutras Article Seekers in transformation. We won’t spend class on timelines and academic debates. However, for those who want to investigate the question …

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Practice Audios

Morning Mantra Morning Mantra Practice Morning Mantra Regular Speed Mealtime Mantra Mealtime Mantra Practice Mealtime Mantra Regular Speed Universal Peace Mantra Universal Peace Practice Universal Peace Regular Speed

Practice Audios

Ganesha Mantra Ganesha Mantra practice Ganesha Mantra regular speed Purna Mantra Purna mantra practice Purna mantra regular Sa ha na Sa ha na practice Sa ha na regular speed Sarasvati Mantra regular & practice round  

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There are times I think you customize these talks just for me. The light you shed is helping me find my way. Thank you.