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Nectar of the Gita 2022 Payment Plan

Coming Fall of 2022

Part 1: Starts Nov. 11, 2022
Part 2: Starts Jan 6 2023;
Part 3: March/April 2023

Study the transformational teachings of the Bhagavad Gītā online with Kaya.

In this three-part program, you’ll learn what it means to bring the teachings of Yoga into your life in a truly meaningful way. Over three six-week sections, you’ll explore deeply these supremely transformational teachings. No prerequisites: Open to anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth!

Yoga teachers fulfill 40 CEU hours with this program

Classes are taught live and all is recorded for your convenience. Live attendance is encouraged but NOT required.

  • Nectar of Action – Karma: explore the human condition & spiritual potential and exactly how to live a life dedicated to spiritual growth.
  • Nectar of Love – Bhakti: explore the nature of the Divine {and how it is different from “God”}, how to relate to the Divine in practice and every moment.  
  • Nectar of Knowledge – Jnāna: explore Vedic psychology, society, the three Gunas that condition the mind and behavior, and the supreme teaching of yoga.  


Access the content for 1 year

Nectar of the Gita Payment Plan is over three months at $175 per payment. Each payment will be debited from your account on the day of the month you enroll. So, if you enroll on the 1st of November, your second payment will be on the 1st of December, and your final payment will be on the 1st of January.