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Pregnancy SRY Practice Bundle

In these experiential and contemplative practices, Kaya guides SRY {Supreme Release Yoga} ideal for for pregnancy & postpartum {great for conception too!}. Women [or pregnant people] who practice SRY during their pregnancies tend to have more comfortable, healthy pregnancies, easeful natural births and gentler postpartum recovery! You’ll find you have more “baby space”, improved breathing, a sense of more length, reduced low back pain and more stable joints. Many have much FASTER and low stress births than the average westerner.  The practices are simultaneously deep, nurturing and accessible. The therapeutic, nurturing, slow practices are perfect for the 2nd & 3rd trimesters of pregnancy* but also incredibly healing and supportive to any yoga student of any gender or stage of life who wants…
  • Pelvic Health
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Womb Healing for imbalances with menstrual cycle, fertility or menopause
  • Healing for the male reproductive system including desire and function
  • Pelvic Healing or Low Back Pain
  • A Deeply Restful Practice
These practices deeply nourish the whole spine, emphasizing creating more space in the pelvis through gentle release of tension below and behind the abdominal organs, as well as opening the heart & settling the mind.

Inside the Pregnancy SRY Bundle you’ll get: 

  • Womb & Ancestral Healing: a practice of reclined & seated āsana
  • A guided awareness for Yoga Nidrā or Meditation
  • Standing Softly: a practice of gentle nurturance and easeful standing
  • Prenatal Shorts: several shorter, accessible practices to do daily
Note – you’ll need yoga props for this practice – 2-3 yoga blankets, 2 yoga blocks. *It is recommended that students do NOT start SRY in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you were already practicing SRY prior to conception you can continue through the 1st trimester, however many yoga students find they simply want to take a break during months 1-3. If you are pregnant, and new to SRY you can begin in the 12th week.

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