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SRY Fundamentals 2021

SRY Fundamentals

Where: Pre-Recorded Online 

Learn to share Supreme Release Yoga (SRY) with others.

Gain direct experience and detailed pedagogy to guide others through SRY practice. You’ll leave clear, inspired, and confident with effective tools to help yourself and others with SRY and that gathers the inner nectar of bliss, satisfaction, and rejuvenation.

SRY is an intimately healing practice that can resolve pain, connect to yoga’s purpose and change lives from the very first experience.​ This replenishing, compassionate, blissful, healing, and transformative approach goes far beyond Yoga for physical wellbeing, weaving together the full spectrum of the Vedic viewpoint.

SRY offers an effective framework that peels back the layers of misperception of Yoga to reveal the meanings behind the practices. What comes is compassionate clarity — free from rigidity — that allows each person to experience the nectar of Yoga in daily life.

*PREREQUISITE: Minimum Two Month Membership in the SRY Online Yoga Studio

Note: Participants have access to the content for 1 year. 

The program includes 24 Contact Hours:

  • 12 Hours Pedagogical Training
  • 8 Hours {minimum} Direct Experience of the Practice via SRY Studio membership
  • 2 Hour audio course in the attitude & tools for sharing SRY with students coming from other yoga styles
  • 2 Hour SRY Sangha participation
  • Comprehensive asana handouts


Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!