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SRY Online Yoga Studio • Monthly

“When you support yourself with yoga, yoga supports you back” ~ Kaya

Each month offers a special theme of practice & contemplation. Join for just a month or a year & access all past practices & contemplations as well! 

Inside the SRY Studio Online, Kaya guides students through a safe, gentle, healing home practice of Supreme Release Yoga. ​SRY Studio Online Members access a weekly live class & lifetime recordings to practice at home in your own time.

In SRY we gently and blissfully release muscles attached to the spine to deeply nurture the central channel of the physical and subtle body. Each class will include poses to nourish and release Your Spine threaded with a meaningful contemplative theme rooted in the Vedic and Yoga tradition. The practice takes you deeply inward, softens you, and then expands you so that you become more rejuvenated and available for your life.

Classes are recorded and all content is available for you through for a lifetime. Each live class is available for you to tune in, or access in the growing library of content. You’ll be able to track along with the practice in sequential order, or access for favorite handful of practices over and over again. It’s totally up to you!

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Only interested in THIS month’s theme? No problem! Join at the beginning of the month & cancel your membership at the end of the month. 

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What about Namaste?

Access a rich teaching from Kaya about the true meaning and use of Namaste, whether or not to use it in a yoga class, the mantra Kaya uses to end yoga classes and the deeper meaning it holds about individual, collective and divine karma!