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The Nectar of the Gītā: Full Program Registration

Study the transformational teachings of the Bhagavad Gītā online with Kaya.

In this three-part program, you’ll learn what it means to bring the teachings of Yoga directly into your life. Over three six-week programs, you’ll explore deeply all that Krishna shares with Arjuna.

Purchase access to the full program and receive access to LIVE lessons + recordings.:
– The Nectar of Action exploring the depths of Karma Yoga and why action is a necessary part of any spiritual practice. Will be taught live July 23-August 27 2020.
– The Nectar of Love learning how to understand and relate to the Divine through Bhakti Yoga. Will be taught live October 8-November 12 2020.
– The Nectar of Knowledge understanding profound explanations of human psychology through Jnana Yoga. Will be taught live January-February 2021

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Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!