Work with Kaya

Kaya’s masterful and lovingly delivered expertise supports you to uncover your innate wholeness and cultivate a deeply satisfied self. Discover the softer side of yoga through an approach that favours feeling over forcing and receive traditional Vedic teachings in ways that are truly meaningful for modern life. All Kaya’s programs can be counted as Continuing Education Units with the yoga organization, association or registry of your choice.

In-person programs

Learn yoga the classic way: gain deep and direct experience of Supreme Release Yoga in Kaya’s soft and grounding presence
ŚRY Fundamentals: Supreme Spine Training
Supreme Illumination Training
Healing Hypermobility Training

online trainings

Learn yoga the modern way: get teachings on yogic practice and philosophy in your own time and space
Nectar of Yoga Nidra
Nectar of the Gita
Agni and Soma Nutrition

Mentoring and Vedic Counseling

Direct and personalized support in any aspect of your life or work.

Get profound personal, spiritual, or professional growth through a consistent, attentive, and personalized mentoring relationship with Kaya. Bringing the full spectrum of the Vedic tradition and nearly 20 years’ experience teaching and living a yogic life, Kaya’s insights and strategies catalyze therapeutic transformations in your work, mind, and life.

Kaya only works with small numbers of clients at a time so she can focus her full attention on your struggles and dreams. She is adept at resolving issues at their root, applying her experiential wisdom and time-tested approaches to deliver the deep transformation you’ve been longing for.

One-on-One Mentoring
Lesson Planning and Sequencing Program
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A message from Kaya

The past 19 years of teaching have been an unfoldment of love. Every moment I get to share the Vedic wisdom that my teachers so generously offered me is a gift. I realize that the opportunity I had – 12 years of immersive yogic study – is rare and unlikely for most. Yet we all have the same hunger for wisdom and transformation. For this reason, my programs reflect the Vedic teachings I received in a way that’s deep yet accessible, nurturing yet empowering, and comprehensive yet easily assimilated by students. My aim is that you gain knowledge and experience that is practical, profound, and easily integrated into your own life.

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