Auspicious Day of Gold

Akṣaya Tritīya - Day of Undiminishing Returns

A most auspicious day of the year is upon us.
Today, May 10 2024, across the globe, is the day of that which Never Diminishes. A day to plant a seed that will grow in the year to come. 
This is the one time a year that the moon & sun are both exalted with the moon in the auspicious third phase [tritiya]. 
The moon, or soma, pours down it’s most luminous milky blessings of nurturance, flowers, botanicals, rain, rivers, lakes and seas, intuition and divine feminine receptivity
The sun, sūrya, radiates down it’s most powerful golden rays of generosity, creativity, sovereignty, integrity, food, duty and divine masculine action.
Together, sun & moon are the golden ones, and their blessings of abundance, sustenance and dharma of the earth day & night throughout the year. 
But at this time, the blessing of resource, wealth in it’s many forms is full of potential.
Some consider Akṣaya Tritīyā the most auspicious day of the year, not to be missed.
This is especially true for householders who need to be well-resourced in order to do their duties wisely and generously in the world. 
One of the most famous stories told during this time is the story of Queen Draupadi & the Pot of Plenty. 
For your listening pleasure today, here is a piece of the story which comes in the Aranyaka Pakśa [forest dwelling part] of the Mahābharata….

Draupadi & the Pot of Plenty

“Oh Yudhisthira, do pūja to the sun and ask for the blessing of plenty, so that you may feed the people well” – Rishi Daumya, to Yudhisthira, son of Dharma

It is said in the Vedic tradition that listening to such a story is itself a remedy and a spiritual sādhana that can heal curses and grant boons.   
And today is indeed a day for such listening. 
It is said that anything you invest in today will remain “undiminished” and grow value in the YEAR to come.

Traditionally, many people buy gold on this day… but gold is also symbolic of anything that is of deep value and gives resources. 

Today is ruled by Vishnu-Lakshmi, as well as Rāma-Sitā and the wet Goddess NityaKlinna as well as Matangi Devī. These are associated with such blessings as wealth, dharma, uprightness, generosity, effort, sustenance, nourishment and deep listening to the knowledge that gives the greatest wealth of all – wisdom. 

Suggestions for the Day

Wealth comes in manifold forms – including money, vitality, family & friendship, beauty, creativity, skills and knowledge. 
Today is a day to take a step – large or small, significant or symbolic – in the direction of the wealth you wish to grow – be it in the realm of money, health, friendship, family, home, knowledge, skill or wisdom.  Today is also a day of generosity. 
You get to decide what expression of wealth & generosity you are investing in and moving toward… it’s you & your destiny pattern! 
So take some time today to think about what you value most… and what values you wish to grow into more. Take time to pray to the gods and goddesses who rule today. Blessings to you & yours on this day… and year to come!

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