Who is More Beautiful?

A Shiva Shakti Story of Sacred Structure

Who is more beautiful, Shiva or Parvati? What a question! 
I hope you enjoy this story, which is from inside the Vastu program, but in honor of Saturn retrograde, I wanted to share it with you. 
Saturn is lord of Karma, Structure, Order and Pattern… and Shiva stories are considered perfect to tell when we are under the influence of Saturn. So I felt this story a perfect way to honor this shift. 
[more on Saturn below!]

“Whatever is here, in the individual, is also there in the cosmos. Whatever is there in the cosmos is also here, in the individual. The one who does not recognize this, wanders from end to end” ~ Kaṭha Upaniṣad

Saturn rules the structure, ritual, systems of wisdom that help us to organize our lives in ways that attune us to cosmic order and deeper value. 
And just like a child may rebel against the rules of the mother, we often rebel against the order that Saturn insists upon.
But, when we learn to hold that sacred order, that structure holds us back in the most loving way. 
It is interesting to note that in vedic hand analysis, the middle finger is the Saturn finger… but it is ALSO the finger that represents the mother & mothering. See how sacred structure dances!

From June 29 - November 15 2024, Saturn will be retrograde in its own home of Aquarius for 4 months, This won't occur again until 2052.

Retrograde Saturn calls attention and invites us to his lessons, outshining the other influences in the sky sphere. 
This 4 months will be an opportunity to take a stand and prioritize your deepest values – which make the structure of your life. 
Saturn calls us from disorder to order, from confusion to commitment. 
The way you orient these 4 months can set the foundation for the years that follow. 
Here are some of the themes under Saturn’s jurisdiction:
  • Karma
  • Order 
  • Structure & Symmetry
  • Restriction & Responsibility
  • Separation & Slowness
  • Effort & Dissolution
  • Deep Wisdom
  • Commitment 
  • Shiva-Shakti
  • Pattern language
  • Transformation 
  • Wisdom that leads to freedom
During this period of retrogression will will each be invited to pause, or to turn back & reflect, take stock & deepen. We’ll be invited to tend to the structures of our lives – inner & outer – that we may become more attuned to our deepest values!
Saturn is lord of the vedic tradition because he is lord of these systems of knowledge – yoga, ayurveda, vastu, jyotish – that organize our lives and attune us to ourselves, the world & the divine. 
We live after all, in a cosmos not a chaos.
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July truly delivers us an invitation to the sacred. 
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