Eclipse and Navaratri Portal of Transformation

Culminations and Transformations

This weekend we have culminations, endings & beginnings and a sacred call to transformation and the whispers of the divine serpent. 
The ancestral ritual time ends on the cusp of a powerful and volatile solar eclipse. The eclipse opens the portal to the sacred Navarātri, the 9 nights [and days] of Devotion to the Divine Mother. All of this [along with more very volatile astrological combinations] make this a time of inner and outer conflict, old wounds and patterns coming to the surface, reactivity, retaliation, sudden events. As a yogic seeker you choose deliberately how to handle this time with awareness, love and a commitment to personal growth that has a ripple effect for the collective. 
I will be turning inward for several days, but I wanted to be sure to offer you some guidance and support for the weekend. Below find… 
  • A guided Yoga Nidrā practice to cultivate inner luminosity while the outer luminaries are eclipsed 
  • Recorded recitation of the Sanskrit prayer for universal peace
  • An invitation to join me in a free community chanting event October 18th 
“Take time to walk around a situation” – Śri Krishan Mantri

There is no one as fallen as I am. But there is no uplifter like you. Knowing that, oh Mother, oh Durgā, do for me what you think is best. ~ Devī Stotram

This is a time in which we are being called – individually & collectively to change our deep rooted patterns – called saṃskāra. 
Your unconscious patterns that drive your thoughts and actions that are inherited from past lives & ancestors. These patterns will come up to the surface… and we have to see them, and choose if we are going to fall back into our default patterns or change how we see, think, perceive and respond. The magic of a yogic person is to respond rather than react. But this takes time. The more spiritual wisdom you digest, the more natural this becomes. This is because spiritual principles & practices resolve problematic saṃskāras and create new positive ones. Ancestor ritual time, eclipses & Navarātri are ALL invitations to do this. So take time to be deliberate in how you approach this time. 
Mantra Recitation and Yoga Nidrā are the two PRIMARY practices for working at the saṃskāra level. These are both effective and often quite pleasurable at the same time –  a blissful approach to deep healing work. 
May we each and collectively as a human family be divinely guided to respond rather than react. 

Practices for this Sacred Time

Yoga Nidrā for Inner Light

When the outer luminaries [sun & moon] are covered or distorted, we look to the luminosity within. Increasing the inner light & warmth also helps us to digest emotions and burdens so that we can learn and let go or respond in the right way. For this guided practice, lie down in shavasana with your legs elevated so your spine can be aligned and relaxed. 

Mantra for Universal Peace

Listen or recite daily during the eclipse season. Learn the pronunciation, recitation and deeper meaning beyond the word translation in this upcoming FREE COMMUNITY OFFERING

May all beings be happy
May no one fall ill
May all see what is auspicious
May no one feel sorrow
Om Peace Peace Peace

Free Community Event

Learn the meaning & Method for Chanting the peace mantra & More
Kaya will guide pronunciation & recitation of the sanskrit mantra for universal peace. 
At this time of eclipses it is best not to get too attached to plans! 
So Kaya will follow her heart & inner guidance in teaching what feels just right for the group. 
Likely themes include teachings about karma, the divine mother and the path of inner victory in honor of Navarātri & the eclipse season… we may even delve into teachings of the divine cosmic serpent. 
I usually offer private mantra sādhana initiation at this time, however this year we are taking a different approach, listening to the astrology of the time. You can find teachings for eclipses & navarātri inside the Nectar of Time with me [join anytime and stay as long as you like!]. Also please join me for a FREE ONLINE SACRED SANSKRIT PRAYER event October 18th. 

Handling Eclipse Times

Solar Eclipse Oct 14 & Lunar Eclipse Oct 28/29 2023

On these dates of the eclipses it is advised to stay in [during the hours of the eclipse itself], and do spiritual sādhana, mantra, quiet reflection & spiritual study, live sattvically, keep life simple, stay home. Not a time to be social, partying or in large groups. 
Between the dates, it is best to avoid starting a new endeavor, and for some, best to avoid public speaking or being “on stage”. Having said that, an eclipse can “force” action suddenly… so if that is the case, say your prayers and take the ride as sattvically and responsively [not reactively] as possible. Traditionally we fast [if appropriate] during the hours of the eclipses, practice mantra sādhana, rest, scriptural study during the eclipse and bathe afterwards. 

Devī Devotion

Navarātri October 15-23

This is always a sacred time of stories, devotion, prayer. Each Navarātri has its own flavor, and this one is a Durgā time, as we call on the divine mother for intervention, protection & guidance. 
During these dates, delve more deeply into your devotional practices, time in nature in forests, rivers or Mama ocean. Mantra practices to feminine divine, offerings of flowers and fruits at your altar and living life as an act of devotion are all recommended. 

Deeper teachings for the Eclipse Season, Navarātri & More

Monthly Sacred Stories, Astrological Insight & Yogic Lifestyle.

Experience life organized by the sacred. 

Each month of the year Kaya offers guidance based on the vedic calendar, astrology, festivals & deities of the month. 

Listen to Vedic stories of the purānas, exclusive “Tea & Jyotish” vedic astrology insights to guide your attitude and choices,  spiritual teachings to inspire your path, supportive yogic practices & self-care rituals from special guest stewards of the vedic tradition.  

Questions for Kaya? Reach Out

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!