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Sanskrit Mantras for Daily Life

Sanskrit Mantra Class with Kaya

Mantras for Daily Life

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In this class Kaya shares key meaning and pronunciation of traditional Sanskrit invocations that can be used throughout daily life to invoke connection to the divine, and appreciation of those unseeable factors and principles of nature in our lives.

Mantras have many purposes, the invocations taught in this class are open to all who wish to chant them! You’ll learn the beautiful value and purpose and how to chant properly. You can return to the recording again and again to practice!

In this 90 Min Class + Extra Q&A Kaya Teaches:

  • Brief contemplation of what is the “divine”
  • Mantra for Waking 
  • Prayer before Eating
  • Mantra for Universal Peace

“Prayer is the highest form of communication with the divine. Prayer helps nurture ones special relationship with the Divine. Prayer has its purpose in helping one achieve an object of desire, and helps one gain the maturity to be a qualified recipient of spiritual knowledge, which helps us discover the freedom and happiness that is the nature of oneself” – Swami Dayananda.