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De-Mystifying Karma

De-Mystifying Karma

4 hour program in the Traditional Doctrine of Karma

Recording available through June 30

In this class, Kaya de-mystifies Karma – a vastly misunderstood word, both east and west. Kaya unveils the nuance and complexity that is the depths of the vedic tradition’s “doctrine of karma” with story, scripture and practical modern examples and metaphors to bring these teachings to life.

We will investigate such things as:

  • Destiny, choice & Free Will
  • Can we make effort to “change” our karma?
  • Can we claim our blessings and virtues as self made?
  • How does cause and effect impact our lives?
  • What do practices like mantra recitation have to do with karma?
  • What is reincarnation – who “travels” from body to body?
  • What is “luck”?
  • What do key scriptures such as Patanjali Yoga Sūtras and the Mahābharata say about Karma?

Understanding Karma can be a key to lifelong wisdom, a true sense of ease and freedom. The doctrine of karma can mature us so that we can engage fully in those actions that are enjoined on us to do, and be more at ease to let go of those things over which we do not have control.

Gain meaningful insight to help consider how to look at both individual and world-wide problems and the path of spiritual growth. Understanding karma can unhook us from intense anxiety, longing, regret or anger about our circumstances and our efforts. The teachings on Karma can offer great solace in a complex life and offer a key to lifelong wisdom and a sense of freedom.

Highly Recommended for:

  • Students of the Bhagavad Gitā
  • Yoga Therapists
  • Ayurvedic Practitioners
  • Students of Vedic Astrology